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Nov 2013

Now Recruiting!

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BOD Recruiting

On Tuesday Kilcona Park Dog Club members will elect the new 2013-14 Board of Directors. Members may run for any of eight positions – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Membership, Director of Fundraising, Director of Events and Director of Marketing. The term of office is one year.

Over the past year KPDC membership has doubled and the Board has been hugely successful in its fundraising efforts. This allowed KPDC to purchase a cigarette butt receptacle, eight new park benches and four picnic tables that are being installed, and to realize a very healthy increase in the club’s bank account at year end.

The Board plans to fund other improvements that members have requested and have discussed these proposals with the City. However KPDC cannot proceed if the Board is understaffed. We must fill all the positions on the Board.

With over 400 members, we are confident that this can happen. Seven very well qualified people have already stepped forward and offered to serve. We need one more.

We do not yet have a candidate for the position of Vice President. This will be a key position moving forward because the VP coordinates volunteers for KPDC events and fundraising activities.

Assets include prior Board or committee experience; experience as a volunteer or in coordinating volunteers. The Board provides position-specific training to new Directors and the club, in cooperation with the Volunteer Centre,  provides Volunteer Board Training.

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