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Nov 2014

Who Let the Dog(Owners) Out?

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  – by Robyn Maharaj

It was a night where the dogs were left at home as Kilcona Park Dog Club (KPDC) held its first Bud-Spud Fundraising Dinner Friday November 7th at Canad Inn located on Regent.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this style of event, not-for-profit groups such as ours hold Bud-Spuds which can raise much needed funds for projects like the Splash Pad.

As you know, having a clean water option at the park is even more critical now thanks to the study conducted by KPDC (see related article on water quality findings elsewhere on the site) so with that as a priority, the fundraising committee organized a fantastic evening of food, folks, and fundraising.

Bud-Spud tickets were $20 and included dinner (steak or meatless option with an add-on of grilled mushrooms, a baked potato, garlic stick, salad, and side of vegetables) plus an alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drink from a specified list.

There were also chances to buy silent auction tickets, 50/50 (a total of just over $300 was raised and split between the dog club and a lucky ticket winner), and door prizes. Big screens throughout The Oak Room displayed lovely photographs of the park and past dog club events taken by members.

It was also a chance to meet and mingle outside of the park in a sheltered, spirited environment and a great opportunity for club members to invite their own circle of family and friends out for a night with funds raised going towards a great cause.

Phil Werbiski and Corrie Shore at BSS

KPDC members Phil Werbiski and Corrie Shore

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

KPDC Board member and Fundraising Chair Maria Conley explained that the Bud-Spud was a first for her as an event organizer but liked the social aspect of the evening plus the chance to promote the park while visiting and meeting new people who love dogs and frequent the park regularly. But fun could also be had for those who don’t have dogs or who aren’t club members but support what the club does.

Another Board member and Secretary Kathleen Kirkman invited several friends from her former workplace to attend as it was a great excuse to see each other, visit, and catch up. One lucky lady in her group even won a silent auction prize which included the canoe excursion and she was thrilled with her package which was one of 15 prizes, each valued at approximately $300-$400 in donated merchandise and services.

Toni Zacharias at BSS

And the winner is…KPDC member Toni Zacharias!

Photo credit: Vince Pahkhala


About Robyn Maharaj

Robyn is a writer, fundraiser, marketer and former arts administrator who works as a freelance grant and feature writer. She’s a fundraiser for a Southern Florida medical foundation for adult stem cell research. Robyn’s writing and poetry has been published in Canadian literary journals,

newspapers, magazines and anthologies.

A member of Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Marketing Committee, Robyn recently helped the club secure a $20,000 grant for park improvements, developed the “Number Two Clue” responsible pet education initiative, and promoted KPDC’s campaign to elect a dog-friendly Mayor and Council. An enthusiastic volunteer at fundraising and park stewardship events, Robyn is seen below serving up tasty dog treats at the Bone Appetit Bistro.


 Photo credit: Paul Cote/Siberian Studio

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