About the Kilcona ParkDog Club

KPDC is a registered not-for-profit corporation dedicated to park stewardship, community development, and healthy active living for people and their pets.

KPDC is an advocate for the hundreds of dog owners and their pets who use Kilcona’s off-leash area. Our organization works closely with Winnipeg Parks Services and Winnipeg Animal Services to identify, fund and implement improvements to the park.

As Kilcona’s official Adopt-A-Park steward, KPDC plays an important role in park stewardship and the environmental sustainability of the park. Working with the City Naturalist, our volunteers have planted native trees and shrubs in the park, with the long-term goal of creating forested shelter belts.

KPDC hosts the Annual Spring Clean-Up and our volunteers have worked with park staff to maintain the trail network.

KPDC members play an important role in creating a positive atmosphere where dog lovers and dogs can play, socialize and exercise. Our members mentor new pet owners and new park visitors.

KPDC collaborates with Winnipeg’s other major dog clubs, Maple Grove Dog Owners Association and Little Mountain Pet Owners Association to advance the interests of dog owners and their pets.

KPDC also provides support to several of Winnipeg animal shelters and rescues.




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