Board Directors 2019

Your Elected Board Members

Donna Henry


Donna began hiking Kilcona’s off-leash trails with Terra soon after the family moved to North Kildonan in 2001. Franklin - Kilcona’s champion mouse hunter - joined the pack in 2004, and Hudson - the dog park “Nibbler” - in 2006.

Donna was elected to Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Board of Directors in 2010. For the past seven years she’s served as president, motivated by a love of dogs, a passionate interest in parks, and a desire to transform Winnipeg’s largest off-leash area into a premier dog park with first class amenities.

As president, Donna advocates on behalf of Kilcona’s dog community, representing KPDC members’ interests to the City. She also serves as president of the Winnipeg Network of Dog Owner Groups (WINDOG) – a coalition of the city’s off-leash stewardship organizations that lobbies on behalf of dog park users for high quality recreational off-leash space. Among its accomplishments WINDOG counts two successful “I own a dog AND I vote!” campaigns to elect a dog-friendly City Council and lobbying efforts to secure the City’s new off-leash dog park master plan, a road map for managing Winnipeg’s existing dog parks and creating new ones.

Donna credits her professional experience as a Parks Canada Visitor Services Officer, Park Superintendent and park management consultant, and a lifetime of “bus man’s holidays” in parks around the world for her capacity to understand the needs of park visitors, protect the resource, and identify appropriate solutions to park management issues.

As a former journalist, Donna enjoys the creative aspect of her volunteer position – contributing articles for KPDC’S website and creating educational materials. She has a BA (Honours) from Queen’s University.

Chrissy Montsion

Vice President

My name is Chrissy. I am a volunteer at FAAR rescue. My fiancé and I are the supply house of the rescue as well as we always have foster dogs in our care. As you can see from my photo I like to show up with a 6 pack.

My favourite place to be is at the Kilcona Dog Park with my fur-amily. I love the sense of community and relationship building I have experienced since attending this park as of 2015. I hope to be an integral part of the Kilcona Board of Directors and am looking forward to improving the amenities and activities built around KPDC.

Kathleen Kirkman


Kathleen has served as secretary on Kilcona Park Dog Club’s board of directors since 2011. She has also managed the Happy Dog Bone Appetit Bistro for almost as many years, cooking up and selling batches of delicious dog treats at Winnipeg Dog Fest and our Dog Fest Corn Roast to raise money for park improvements.

Kathleen retired from her teaching position at Red River College in 2017 and now spends her time with her multitude of rescue pets.

Kathleen was totally devastated when her beloved dog Harry died in December 2017 while she was vacationing in Cuba. She vowed she would never have another dog. However, she said the absence of dog energy in the house made the home feel like a funeral home. So in April 2018, she adopted a beautiful 6-month old black lab cross with piercing blue eyes from Spirit of Hope. Chloe had just given birth to seven puppies.

A year later, Kathleen decided that she would like a playmate for her girl so in April 2018 she adopted Wiigs from Manitoba Mutts. Wiigs was a seven-month old tan coloured medium-sized bundle of energy. He was the perfect counterpoint to Chloe’s placid personality. The two dogs took a shine to each other and became fast friends.

There is never a dull moment in the Kirkman family. If it is not Wiigs trying to steal the newspaper from Kathleen, you-know-who is emptying the laundry basket and strewing clothes all over the floor. Pens and socks have disappeared, not to mention rugs, doggy blankets, and items off the kitchen counter. The back yard has craters throughout, and when Wiigs gets it in his mind to find a direct passage to China, Kathleen cringes at the thought of being swallowed up into the abyss. Such is her life!

Daria Zenchuk


A favorite part of Daria's day is the time she spends at Kilcona Park with Sawyer (a retriever cross) and Jersey ( acollie/shepherd cross), watching them play and run. She enjoys the fresh air, and loves the park’s way of making you feel like you are out of the city and the peace it can bring.

What Daria didn’t expect is how much she would enjoy the people she meets - the ones she has become friends with and connects with frequently and others that she’s only met once or twice, walking the park and chatting together.

Daria was elected to KPDC's board of directors in 2015. She serves as Treasurer, and has been instrumental in strengthening the club’s financial framework, developing and delivering financial training to the board, and establishing new processes that allowed the Board to embark on its largest-ever fundraising initiative to bring clean drinking water into Kilcona. Daria lead the Board through its first budget planning exercise.

Daria has been in the accounting/finance profession for 20+ years in various industries. Early in her career she gained experience working with a Board of Directors, serving as the accountant for the Health Science Center Foundation for 5 years.

Daria enjoys giving back to her community. Besides volunteering for KPDC events, she’s also volunteered at Winnipeg Harvest; Operation Red Nose; Siloam Mission (kitchen help and helping with renovations at The Madison); church bingos; her daughter’s school events; Winnipeg Minor Volleyball Association (U16 coach); and city-hosted events like the Grey Cup, Santa Claus Parade and the IIHF World Women's Championships.

Daria has a desire to affect change in the world and hopes she can have a positive impact as a Kilcona Park Dog Club Board Director.

Chantal DeMare

Director, Membership

Chantal has been coming to Kilcona Park with her dog Tess since moving to North Kildonan in spring of 2012. Gus followed in the summer of 2014. Since she loves the outdoors, going camping and hiking, Chantal found the park a perfect place where she could take her dogs off leash that was within the city limits and not far from her home. And since Tess’ passing last year, Chantal has found that her trips to the dog park even more important for Gus, since he can socialize with other dogs that he can no longer do at home ( and of course get some exercise) which is very important for his well being.

Chantal learned about the Kilcona Park Dog Club one day when she came to the park and they had their annual DogFest in 2016. She had no idea about the club, or what it had to offer until she became a member. She has volunteered at the spring and fall clean ups and most recently been asked to serve on the board of directors.

Chantal has been a dental assistant for 20+ years, and she has never been afraid of work. Spending time at her grandparent’s farm as a child, so she could help out with the daily duties of caring for the animals was one of her favorite activities as a child during her summer holidays! She had also volunteered at the Winnipeg Humane Society. She has also explored and become a dog foster for a local rescue.

Chantal is very excited to begin this new venture on the board as the Director of Membership, and hopes she can make an impact with KPDC.


Director, Fundraising

Jeff Henry

Director, Marketing & Communication

Jeff and Terra began visiting Kilcona in 2001 and Hudson joined them in 2006. They love exploring the park and enjoy mouse herding in particular (the dogs, that is!). All three love camping, fishing and hiking.

Jeff was elected to Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Board in 2010. As Director of Marketing he created KPDC’s multi-year marketing plan, and developed and implemented its cornerstone - the Corporate Sponsorship Program. Over the past three years the program, which provides benefits and discounts to members, helped drive KPDC membership sales from 35 to over 500.

Jeff credits the much of the success of KPDC’s marketing programs to his experience in business development, mergers and acquisitions, and industry/market analysis. He’s quick to point out that to be successful and sustainable, the program must provide benefits to both sponsors and members.

Jeff is the President and CEO of a business and project management consulting firm. He also teaches a variety of courses – including web marketing communications, customer relationship management, procurement and contract law, negotiating and influence, and ethics and corporate responsibility - at universities and colleges across Canada.

Jeff holds the Canadian Institute of Management’s Professional Manager (P.Mgr) and Chartered Manager (C.Mgr) designations, and the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Queen’s University.

Lindsay Torio

Director, Events

Lindsay and her husband Leo have three dogs: Pepper, Norma, and Dublin. They have lived in the area for the past five years and visit Kilcona Park often. Dublin is a very “dog park” type dog and Kilcona is one of his favorite places to be! He is very thankful for a wonderful place to run and play within city limits!

Lindsay teaches at a local high school and looks forward to serving the community as Kilcona Park Dog Club Events Director!

Larry Wozney

Director Volunteers

Kilcona Dog Park is practically in Larry’s back yard and he’s been coming here with his dogs for several years. Larry and Gus try to get to park regularly, especially in the warmer months. Gus especially loves the park and running free with other dogs. Larry says Kilcona’s a fantastic place to let dogs run, play and socialize.

Larry, his wife Chantal and their dogs attended the park one Saturday during Dog Fest in 2016 and signed up as members of KPDC. There’s a space on the membership form where applicants can indicate their interest in assisting with the dog club. Larry checked the boxes that were applicable to him and submitted the form. Fate had it that the club needed a photographer for an upcoming event, and they called Larry. Although Larry's wife is the better photographer, Larry nonetheless agreed to help out. He was hooked!

The dedication, drive, and passion that Larry observed in the dog club members and volunteers hit home and he spoke with his wife about becoming more involved with KPDC. A few more events and Larry know that the fit was right. He attended the Club's AGM and again was taken by the passion of the club's board and members. When the opportunity to give back became available in late 2018, Larry put his name forward for the position of Director of Volunteers.

Larry has lived in North Kildonan since 1973 and has had a companion dog his entire adult life. Larry has been employed in the financial services industry for over 32 years.

Larry is looking forward to the coming months and hopes he can assist in any way that's needed to support KPDC's vision and plans for the future of the Kilcona Dog Park.