Board Directors 2018

Your Elected Board Members

Donna Henry


Donna and Terra have been hiking Kilcona’s off-leash trails since the family moved to North Kildonan in 2001. Franklin - Kilcona’s champion mouse hunter - joined the pack in 2004, and Hudson - the dog park “Nibbler” - in 2006.

In 2010 Donna was elected Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Board of Directors. For the past four years she’s served as President, motivated by a love of dogs and a passionate interest in transforming Kilcona’s under-developed off-leash area into a premier dog park with well-constructed, well-maintained trails and first class amenities.

As President, Donna advocates advocates on behalf of Kilcona’s dog community representing members’ interests to the City. In 2014 she was elected Vice President of the Winnipeg Network of Dog Owner Groups (WINDOG) – a coalition of the city’s off-leash stewardship organizations that has lobbies on behalf of dog park users for high quality recreational off-leash space. WINDOG lead a successful “I own a dog AND I vote!” campaign in 2014 to elect a dog-friendly Mayor and Council.

Donna credits her professional experience as a Parks Canada Visitor Services Officer, Park Superintendent and park management consultant, and a lifetime of “bus man’s holidays” in parks around the world for her capacity to understand the needs of park visitors, protect the resource and identify appropriate solutions to park management issues.

As a former journalist, Donna enjoys the creative aspect of her volunteer position – contributing articles for KPDC’S website and creating educational materials. She has a BA (Hons) from Queen’s University.

Krystyn Larry

Vice President

Krystyn discovered Kilcona Dog Park when she adopted her husky Sadie in 2005. Sadie has since passed on, however Forrest and Juno, Krystyn’s current dogs, share her love of the dog park. Due to a recent move, Krystyn does not get to the dog park as often as she used to, however it is still one of her favourite places to walk with her crew!

Krystyn has a long background volunteering with a variety of animal rescue groups. She started with the Winnipeg Humane Society as a dog walker; which is how she adopted Sadie. She then moved on to fostering dogs and volunteering at various fundraising events. This lead to joining the planning committee for the Winnipeg Humane Societies Paws in Motion Walk. She has been chair of this committee on multiple occasions. More recently she joined their Bow Wow Ball Committee and was the chair for the 2016 event.

She also was a volunteer with Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue where she held a variety of roles including foster parent, social media manager and adoption coordinator.

When not cuddling with her furry family (she also owns 2 cats) she is working as an Area Sales Manager with CIBC. In her spare time, she enjoys all things related to food and wine, reading, dodgeball and spending time with family and friends.

Krystyn believes Kilcona Dog Park is an asset to the City of Winnipeg and is excited for the opportunity to play a part in continuing to maintain and improve the park.

Kathleen Kirkman


Kathleen has been visiting Kilcona Dog Park for the past five years. On disability leave from her job in 2011, she wanted to involve herself with a charitable group and was delighted when she was asked to join the Board of Directors as Secretary.

Kathleen was an Instructor in the nursing program at Red River College for fifteen years, teaching a variety of subjects, including epidemiology and health assessment. Her teaching drew on her experience as a northern nurse at St Theresa Point and her work in ICU. Education has always been her forte and in 2003, she earned a Master’s Degree in Education.

While working in the north, Kathleen witnessed annual fall dog culls and arranged to fly out unwanted dogs so they could be adopted into loving homes. Later she adopted several pets of her own. These days she has four cats and a dog, Harry Potter (Harry for short), a lab shepherd cross. She adopted Harry five years ago after a Good Samaritan found the two-month old puppy playing on Logan Street, oblivious to the dangers of rush hour traffic, and delivered him to the doorsteps of Animal Services.

Kathleen brings to the Board a well-honed ability to work as a team member. She is a good communicator and enjoys working with people and dogs alike. She sees herself as being a strong voice for the existence and continued improvement of the dog park. She believes that Kilcona Park Dog Club can be an innovator and Kilcona can be a model for future off-leash parks in Canada.

Daria Zenchuk


Daria has been coming to Kilcona for a couple years. A favorite part of her day is the time she spends at the park with Sawyer (retriever mix) and Jersey (collie/shepherd cross), watching them play and run. She enjoys the fresh air, and loves the park’s way of making you feel like you are out of the city and the peace it can bring.

What she didn’t expect is how much she would enjoy the people she meets - the ones she has become friends with and connects with frequently and others that she’s only met once or twice, walking the park and chatting together.

Daria is a past KPDC Director. In 2015 she served as Treasurer, strengthening the club’s financial framework and establishing new processes that allowed the Board to embark on its largest-ever fundraising initiative to bring clean drinking water into Kilcona. Daria lead the Board through its first budget planning exercise.

Daria has been in the accounting/finance profession for 20+ years in various industries. Early in her career she gained experience working with a Board of Directors, serving as the Accountant for the Health Science Center Foundation for 5 years.

Daria enjoys giving back to her community. Besides volunteering for KPDC events, she’s also volunteered at Winnipeg Harvest; Operation Red Nose; Siloam Mission (kitchen help and helping with renovations at The Madison); church bingos; her daughter’s school events; Winnipeg Minor Volleyball Association (U16 coach); city-hosted events like the Grey Cup, Santa Claus Parade and the IIHF World Women's Championships.

Daria has a desire to affect change in the world and hopes she can have a positive impact as a Kilcona Park Dog Club Board Member.

Jai Reid

Director, Membership

My name is Jaileah Reid. I have 3 dogs: a 9 year old female Rottie cross, a 4 year old female shepherd cross, and a 2 year old male shepherd cross. We have been going to Kilcona Dog Park for 6 years. From the second day that we had our dogs we have enjoyed Kilcona as our "extended back yard" and have felt very comfortable there. I am so grateful that such a place exists and I want to make sure that all dogs and owners can continue to have the opportunity to enjoy Kilcona.

Linda Christian

Director, Fundraising

Linda’s dogs, Zoey and Raj go to Kilcona Park almost every day for exercise, sniffing around and rodent hunting. They love the park!

Linda loves dogs. She has been a volunteer dog-walker at the Winnipeg Humane Society. Kilcona’s off-leash park gives her own energetic dogs a place to run and blow off steam – it keeps them out of trouble.

Linda is excited to be part of the work the Kilcona Park Dog Club does to maintain and improve the park. It’s great to be part of the team. Linda is finding that fundraising is FUN! She hopes that anyone with an interest in the park will participate in our activities, show their support and help us make improvements.

Linda currently works as a freelance back-of-the-book indexer. Linda is an historian of the French Revolution – an interesting but not very practical career choice.

Jeff Henry

Director, Marketing & Communication

Jeff and Terra began visiting Kilcona in 2001 and Hudson joined them in 2006. They love exploring the park and enjoy mouse herding in particular (the dogs, that is!). All three love camping, fishing and hiking.

Jeff was elected to Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Board in 2010. As Director of Marketing he created KPDC’s multi-year marketing plan, and developed and implemented its cornerstone - the Corporate Sponsorship Program. Over the past three years the program, which provides benefits and discounts to members, helped drive KPDC membership sales from 35 to over 500.

Jeff credits the much of the success of KPDC’s marketing programs to his experience in business development, mergers and acquisitions, and industry/market analysis. He’s quick to point out that to be successful and sustainable, the program must provide benefits to both sponsors and members.

Jeff is the President and CEO of a business and project management consulting firm. He also teaches a variety of courses – including web marketing communications, customer relationship management, procurement and contract law, negotiating and influence, and ethics and corporate responsibility - at universities and colleges across Canada.

Jeff holds the Canadian Institute of Management’s Professional Manager (P.Mgr) and Chartered Manager (C.Mgr) designations, and the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Queen’s University.

Jerry Pritchard

Director, Events


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