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Feb 2013

First Park Clean-Up of the Year

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Join the KPDC Poo Crew for Our First Park Clean-Up of the Year


The recent Winnipeg Network of Dog Owner Groups survey indicated that KPDC members’ number one concern is the accumulation of feces in the park.  Dog feces transmit diseases and parasites.

In response to requests from many of you, Kilcona Park Dog Club Board is increasing the number of park clean-up events to address the problem.

KPDC will be holding the first park clean-up of the year next Saturday, March 2, from 1 to 3pm.

The clean-up will focus on the worst areas – around the parking lot, the dog play area and baseball field, and along the north/south service road from the parking lot to the north ponds.

The annual spring clean-up, which covers the entire park is still two months away but the heavy accumulation of feces in high traffic areas warrants extra attention now, before the snow melts.

Winnipeg has already seen 50 per cent more snow fall this winter than last, 10 centimetres more than we normally sees in a winter season, and more is on the way. The extra layers of snow, with their hidden layers of “buried treasure” will be a dangerously unpleasant concern when temperatures begin to rise.

The spring thaw always makes for muddy trails, but muddy, poopy trails create a serious health risk when our dogs clean their own feet.

Please bring shovels or hand tools and grocery bags. We have rubber gloves for volunteers who want them. Kilcona Park staff have donated large collector garbage bags and will be on hand to transport them to the waste depot.

Help make Kilcona the cleanest, safest dog park in Winnipeg. To volunteer or for more information, please contact Director of Events, Wayne L’Esperance, at


Donna Henry

President – Kilcona Park Dog Club Inc.


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