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Nov 2012

KPDC AGM elects full board Nov 19, 2012

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The Kilcona Park Dog Club Inc. elected a full slate of Directors at its Annual General Meeting on Nov 19, 2012

Here are the Directors for the Nov 1, 2012 to Oct 31, 2013 fiscal year:

Donna Henry  –  President
Susan Argue  –  Vice President
Kathleen Kirkman   –  Secretary
Craig Handkamer   –  Treasurer
Tanya Hirsch   –   Director of Membership
Jeff Henry   –  Director of Marketing
Wayne L’Esperance   –   Director of Events

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Nov 2012

Aggressive Dogs/Attacks at Kilcona

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What You Need to Know about Aggressive Dogs/Attacks at Kilcona


Kilcona Park Dog Club and Animal Services Agency met last week to discuss aggressive dogs and dog attacks at the park. Here’s an update from that meeting.


At 49 hectares Kilcona’s off-leash area is the largest in Winnipeg. That’s about half of all the off-leash space in the city. Including the on-leash area, the entire park extends over 100 hectares and there are about ten kilometers of trails.


An attack can happen anywhere in the park and it happens in a split second. It’s unrealistic to expect Animal Services to be at the location where an altercation occurs.


If you own a dog –


  • Be vigilant when the park is filled with dogs. Dogs are predictably unpredictable but they are calmer in smaller groups.
  • Remember that you are a member of Kilcona’s dog community. Be responsible – watch and supervise your dog, even if you’re chatting with another dog owner. Your main focus must be on your dog and his behavior, as well as the behavior of others. Listen for growls and barks, and watch for body language that might indicate trouble.


If you own an aggressive dog


  • It is against the law to take your dog to an off-leash area, even if it’s leashed and muzzled.
  • A dog must be removed from the off-leash area at the first sign of aggression.
  • Dog owners and walkers are legally responsible for their own dog(s) and any injury or damage caused by their dog(s).


If your dog is attacked


  • Treat the situation the same way you would if you have a car accident.


You or a designated person needs to get the aggressive dog’s owner’s name and/or vehicle license number.


  • Talk to witnesses and get their contact information.


  • Call 311. Report every incident to Winnipeg Animal Services Agency.


Reporting attacks helps protect the entire dog community. Unbeknownst to you, the dog that attacked yours may have attacked others at Kilcona or elsewhere.


Enforcement officers investigate every incident as long as you provide them with enough information to find the owner and you don’t report it anonymously.


  • Don’t negotiate payment of the vet bill in exchange for a promise not to report the incident. The law is on your side – dog owners are legally responsible for any injury or damage caused by their dogs.


  • Call 911 if the attack is serious, especially if a person has been injured. Police can get to the park very quickly.


If you witness a dog attack –


  • Remember – Kilcona dog owners are a community. Don’t be a bystander; step forward and provide your contact information to the victim’s owner and, if asked, provide information to Winnipeg Animal Services Agency about the incident.


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Nov 2012


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Kilcona Park Dog Club General Meeting


Please join us for Monday night’s AGM. Guest speakers are marketing specialist Robyn Maharaj and Little Mountain Park Pet Owners Association organizer, Kristy Greening.

If you’re tired of dog owners who don’t pick up and tired of stepping in poo, you won’t want to miss Robyn’s presentation. She’ll unveil a humorous new initiative to clean up Kilcona and raise funds for park improvements.

Winnipeg’s off-leash area is shrinking rapidly. In June the City of Winnipeg closed Transcona’s only dog park; Charleswood’s off-leash area will be closed in 2014 to accommodate an extension to the William Clement Parkway; this summer the City reduced Little Mountain’s off-leash area by half, forcing dogs and owners into the most dangerous area of the park adjacent to two busy provincial roads.

Now Little Mountain dog owners have discovered that the off-leash area will be permanently closed to make way for a major Centreport Canada transportation corridor. Kristy will share what a small group of Little Mountain dog owners are doing to save their off-leash area and why a dog club will play an important role.

The KPDC/ City of Winnipeg Consultative Committee met on Friday. Hear about the City’s plans for trail stabilization in the off-leash area, a protocol for dealing with dog aggression and attacks, and other park news.

Find out the latest about Winnipeg’s new dog park coalition.

Pick up your copy of Pet-iquette.

Refreshments, including corporate sponsor JD Hoggs’ custom-smoked sausage, will be served.



Nov 2012

Urgent Blood Request

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Blood Donor Found, Buddy’s Okay –

Thanks KPDC!

Kilcona Park Dog Club received (2:30 pm Nov 17, 2012) the following urgent request.


Hello Kilcona Park Dog Club,


I am putting out a desperate call for NEGATIVE canine blood this weekend!! My little dog, Buddy, is in dire and immediate need of a blood transfusion!! He is type NEGATIVE blood, and I am searching frantically for a canine donor. Red River’s Canine Blood Clinic is closed this weekend, and does not reopen until Monday, at which point it will, in all likelihood, be too late, and my dog will have died. I am being pro-active and trying to save my little guy’s life. Could you please put out an immediate request to your membership at large asking if there is somebody with a canine over 50 lbs. and between the age of 1-8 years who can contact the Machray Animal Hospital and/or Pembina Animal Hospital today (Sat. Nov. 17) AND bring their dog down to PEMBINA ANIMAL HOSPITAL so it get get tested for blood type so that my dog can receive his transfusion. It is a matter of life and death.


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Nov 2012

Beware of Dog

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UPDATE: Nov 20, 2012

The Board of Directors would like to thank Kilcona Park Dog Club members and many others in Kilcona’s dog park community who stepped forward to provide important information that finally lead to the identification of Tank’s owner. Tank, as most of you are aware, is the dog that mauled Emma at the park on October 25th.

Tank’s owner’s identity has been reported to Winnipeg Animal Services Agency and Tank has not been seen at Kilcona for the past four weeks.

The Board received the following email from Emma’s mom.

“We can’t thank you enough for your assistance, as we would not have been able to find him without your help. Can you please post the following on the Kilcona Dog Park web page?

“Thank you from Emma and her family for all of your concern and good wishes. Emma is recovering well and has even had a few outings to the dog park, where she has enjoyed playing with her friends!  We are pleased to report she has not shown any adverse effects to the incident and gets excited when we mention the words “puppy park”. We are very grateful for the support and assistance of the Kilcona Dog Park community.”

Thanks again for your help with this.”


On October 25 a serious mauling occurred in Kilcona’s off-leash area. A male bull mastiff named Tank attacked and injured a small border collie/lab cross named Emma. Tank is a beige/ fawn mastiff. He was accompanied by his owner and a brindle mastiff.

The attack was unprovoked and came without warning. The victim’s wounds were very deep. It took Emma’s owners half an hour to stop the bleeding. Focused on saving her life, Emma’s family neglected ask Tank’s owner for his contact information.

Emma required surgery. Two weeks later, she’s recovering but it will be another two weeks before the staples can be removed. The vet bill was $1,000.

Tank’s owner admitted to Emma’s owner that his dog is very aggressive with other dogs. The owner brings Tank to Kilcona regularly but normally keeps him on leash. That night, thinking he was alone, he allowed his dog to run loose.

It is against the law to take knowingly aggressive dogs to Winnipeg’s off leash parks and Emma’s owners have reported the incident to Winnipeg Animal Services Agency.

The Board of Kilcona Park Dog Club is asking for your assistance in keeping the park safe for everyone. If you see a dog matching Tank’s description at the park, please protect your own dog(s) – give Tank a very wide berth. If you have any information about this dog, please email –

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