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Oct 2012

2012 Annual General Meeting

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Notice of Kilcona Park Dog Club’s 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Monday, November 19, 2012 at 7pm.
Kilcona Park Alliance Church
1977 Norris Street, right next to the dog park


Please mark your calendar!



You must be a KPDC 2012/13 member to attend the meeting, vote and stand for office.

Membership Options

1. Purchase your membership at Pet Valu – either the Reenders or Rivergrove location before the AGM.

(Reminder – If you renew on or before October 31 you’ll be automatically entered to win a $50 gift certificate for veterinary services at  Alpine Animal Hospital.)

2.  Purchase your 2012/13 memberships at the door between 6:30 and 7pm.

If you’re purchasing a membership at the AGM, make sure you arrive early! Memberships won’t be sold after the meeting starts – 7pm .

Draft 2012 AGM Agenda*


Adoption of the minutes of 2011 AGM

President’s Annual Report

Treasurer’s Annual Report

Motions – Proposed bylaw amendments and fee increases

Election of the Board of Directors

* Final version of the agenda will be distributed by October 20, in accordance with KPDC bylaws.

Over 18 years and interested in serving on the Board of Directors?  

You may run for any position on the Board. If you are interested in serving, please bring your nominator and seconder to the meeting to sign your nomination papers, which will be available at the door. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you need to send a letter with your nominator giving permission to let your name stand.


General Membership Meeting

A short General Membership Meeting will follow the AGM. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and vote on the Board’s recommendations for KPDC-funded off-leash area initiatives.


Door prize –  Gift Certificate for 1 free day of dog daycare at Sprockett’s


All members are encouraged to attend. The Board relies upon your continued involvement, support and feedback.



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Oct 2012

Early Bird prize for Membership Renewals

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A Friendly Reminder and a Chance to Win!


Your 2011-12 membership expires on October 31. If you haven’t already done so, you can renew your membership at Pet Valu – either the Reenders or Rivergrove location. If you have renewed then you’re already entered to win.

3 Good Reasons to Renew Your Membership

1.    Show your card and get the savings!

Your $5 membership card is your passport to savings on veterinary care, dog food and pet supplies, day care, grooming, yard clean-up, car repairs and more, as KPDC´s Corporate Sponsorship Program continues to grow.

You’ll also enjoy discounts at club events.

2.    Have a say in park improvements!

KPDC is Kilcona’s official City of Winnipeg Adopt-A-Park steward and advocates on behalf of dog owners. As a member, you have the opportunity vote on new club-funded off-leash area initiatives at KPDC’s Annual General Meeting on November 19.

 3.    Renew for a chance to win!

Purchase your 2012-13 membership on or before October 31 and be automatically entered to win a $50 gift certificate for veterinary services at Alpine Animal Hospital. The draw will be made at the Annual General Meeting.

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Sep 2012

Fall BBQ 50/50 Winner

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Congratulations to Claudia Proctor for winning the Fall BBQ 50/50 draw of $93

Claudia and her dogs – Bear, Diesel, Star and Spresso

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Sep 2012

KPDC Welcomes Kathleen Kirkman

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KPDC Welcomes Kathleen Kirkman



Kathleen Kirkman is KPDC´s newest Director. Kathleen has been a regular visitor to Kilcona for about five years. This year she decided to get involved in club events and help raise money for park improvements. She´s been a wonderful volunteer and the Board is pleased to announce that Kathleen has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors as Secretary.


Kathleen loves Kilcona. In her own words, “Initially, I was going to Little Mountain Park but decided the atmosphere and size of Kilcona is more ideal for me and my dogs. I love this park because of the ability to ride my scooter around and give my dogs a good run.


My dogs, Harry (pink collar) and Shay are ecstatic when they arrive at the park. After a good run, their tongues are hanging to the ground and they quickly fall into a deep sleep in the car on the way home.


Harry is a cross between a Lab and German Shepherd and Shay is a Border Collie. Harry was found walking down Logan Avenue during rush hour. The good nature of a passer-by resulted in his being taken to the Winnipeg Animal Services Agency Shelter. He was 2 months old at the time and now is a 4 years old. Shay was a rescue from a owner who could not take care of her anymore. She is 10 years old and even in her fits of abnormal behavior is truly a lovely dog.


The atmosphere at the dog park is so friendly and everyone I have met is pleasant and really friendly towards me and my dogs. I love the socialization at the picnic tables and this allows me to get to know people in more depth.


The nature, in terms of the wild flowers, trees and birds is incredibly uplifting for me. It is hard to believe this park was built on a garbage heap and still nature flourishes here.”


Welcome to the team, Kathleen.




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Aug 2012

Contact information for Fido Casting Call problems

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Still Waiting for  Photos!



Kilcona Park Dog Club has received a number of  complaints from dog owners who attended the Fido Casting Call at Kilcona Park last Sunday.

The complaint:

The contest  is biased in favour of dogs from Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. A Manitoba dog has no chance of winning the contest.

The issue:

Event organizers still have not emailed Manitoba dog owners a photo of their dog, although dog owners who attended photo shoots in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver on August 11th and 12th have received theirs. People who attended photo shoots in those three cities and wished to enter the contest have had an unfair two week head-start advantage in accumulating votes for their dog.

KPDC’s President contacted the Toronto-based event organizer, Mosaic Sales Solutions on Wednesday and requested an explanation for the delay in distributing photos. KPDC also requested that the deadline for voting for Manitoba dogs be extended to even the playing field, in the interest of fairness.

Here is Mosaic’s response.

“Chances are [the photos] are queued in the system, and once the devices are back in Toronto and back online, they will be sent to consumers…

 I would estimate that by Friday or Monday we will be able to have them back online and sent out to consumers (they are enroute back to Toronto now).

 I do understand the frustration that consumers are feeling about the voting timelines, but my client has assured me that everyone still has LOADS of time for voting and unfortunately we were not the agency who built the rules or voting strategies for this contest, so as much as I wish we could extend it, this one does not fall into our camp. We have flagged it with the agency in charge, but the decision to keep the contest end date static remains.

 In terms of the contest entry, it states in many areas that consumers are welcome to uploading their own photo to the contest from home to begin receiving votes now. We had actually included that in our messaging “upload the photo and enter the contest now, and then attend our event for a fun afternoon with fellow dog owners” during our pre-promotion.”


KPDC advises club members and other Manitoba dog owners who are concerned that the integrity of the contest has been compromised to direct their complaints to Mosaic Sales Solutions at:




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