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Jun 2012

KPDC’s Annual Barbecue Sets an All-time Record for Fundraising

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KPDC’s Annual Barbecue Sets an All-time Record for Fundraising

 Donna Henry,  President – Kilcona Park Dog Club Inc.


By any account, Kilcona Park Dog Club’s 6th Annual BBQ and Fundraiser was an overwhelming success!

KPDC raised a record net profit of $1,800 through the sale of food and beverages, raffle and 50/50 tickets, sponsorships and memberships. A warm welcome to all our new members!

KPDC Director of Membership Lee-Ann Zacharias

Photo Credit – Toni Zacharias

After weeks of rain and unseasonably cold temperatures, the weather was perfect. Thanks to our members and everyone else who came out to support the event!

A great day for a barbecue!

Photo credit – Colleen Blouin

A great day for dogs and their people to mingle, laugh and enjoy the day…

Photo credit – Lee-Ann Zacharias

…and chill…

Photo credit – Lee-Ann Zacharias

…and chow down on the best barbecue fare in town!

Photo credit – Colleen Blouin

Erin and Sara

Photo Credit – Vince Pahkala


Photo Credit – Vince Pahkala


Once again JD Hoggs lived up to its reputation as a purveyor of high-quality custom smoked meat. Jerry’s deliciously enormous (and enormously delicious) gluten and lactose-free sausages, hotdogs and burgers were a huge hit and by 3 o’clock were completely sold out.


Left to right – Volunteers Phil Werbiski and Maegan Carbotte, Director of Marketing Jeff Henry, Director of Events Gerald Carbotte and customers.

Photo credit Lee-Ann Zacharias


Rush hour traffic at Food Services

Photo credit – Lee-Ann Zacharias


“JD Hoggs’ custom-smoked pig ears rule!”

Photo Credit – Colleen Blouin

“OMG, did you try Sub-Zeros doggy ice cream cones!!”

Winnipeg Animal Services “Adorable Adoptables”, Elmer and Flynn

Photo Credit – Colleen Blouin


Our great volunteers play a key role in making our Annual BBQ the highlight of the doggy social season at Kilcona.

KPDC issues a special commendation to Certified Food Handler Maegan Carbotte for overseeing the kitchen operations to ensure the safe storage, preparation and handling of food, and to Craig Handkamer and Justin Davis whose mastery of the grill keeps people coming back year after year.

Legendary grill masters Craig Handkamer and Justin Davis

Photo credit – Lee-Ann Zacharias


A big thanks to Wayne L’Esperance, who once again donated his tent, providing welcome shade for those manning the membership, gaming and food ticket tables;

Phil Werbiski, for setting up, taking down and keeping things going smoothly during rush hour at the serving station;

Toni Zacharias (photography) and Al Bartlett for selling food, memberships and gaming tickets;

Barb Handkamer for her exceptional marketing skills (the pig ears sold out!);

Darcy’s Arc volunteer Tara Bucklaschuk (and Rufus)

June Hickson of Sagkeeng Spay-Neuter Iniative Program (SSNIP)

Friends Fundraising for Animal Shelters (FFAS) volunteers Barb Maguire, Shirley Merritt and Karen J.


Left to right – Staff and volunteers of Winnipeg Animal Services, and Darcy’s Arc and FFAS volunteers

Photo credit – Lee-Ann Zacharias

Thanks for to the following people for coming out and participating in the event:

Pet Valu’s Stacey Cameron and Tobie Malawski;

Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp – Theresa, Deb and John and Hermine Moehring, and Chase and Judy Mistelbacher;

Mobile Paws’ owners Gilbert Ocampo and Leno Guzman;

Lorna Verschoore and the adorable adoptables of Winnipeg Animal Services

A special thanks to Kilcona Park Foreman Mark Storimans and park staff Ron Gilkes and Leslie Eng for filling in the giant muddy pothole in the picnic area, bringing in extra tables and litter baskets, and taking out the trash.


Pet Valu’s Stacey Cameron with free treats and a line-up of adoring customers.

Photo Credit – Vince Pahkala


Theresa Moehring, owner of KPDC’s corporate Gold Sponsor, Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp

Photo credit – Lee-Ann Zacharias


KPDC’s Board of Directors acknowledges the club’s corporate Platinum and Gold Sponsors whose on-going financial and logistical support for the club and its events is invaluable in furthering the work of our community-based non-profit organization

We offer our sincere thanks to our Platinum Sponsor:

Pet Valu (Reenders and Rivergrove locations)


We offer our sincere thanks to our Gold Sponsors (alphabetical order)

Alpine Animal Hospital
Corporate Source Inc.
Dogfather Pet Services
Interior Auto Body
JD Hoggs Meat and Sausage Company
McPhillips Animal Hospital
Mobile Paws
Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp

KPDC’s Board of Directors also acknowledges the financial support of Event Sponsors North Kildonan City Councillor, Jeff Browaty, and Garth Hosegood and Hosegood’s IGA. Thank you for helping to make this year’s BBQ and Fundraiser such a success!


Photo credit – Vince Pahkala


Thanks to Colleen Blouin, Vince Pahkala, Lee-Ann Zacharias and Toni Zacharias for sharing their photos.


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Jun 2012

Raffle Draw Winners

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KPDC is pleased to announce the winners of our raffle draw held at the 6th Annual Spring BBQ:

First Prize  – Jeff Baumer

$100 Gift Certificate for McPhillips Animal Hospital

Second Prize – Heather Sklar

$75 Gift Certificate for Pet Valu (Reenders/Rivergrove)

Third Prize – Cindy Clissold

$50 Gift Certificate for Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp

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May 2012

6th Annual BBQ Change Date Reminder

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Date Changed for Weather


Kilcona Park Dog Club´s Annual BBQ and Fundraiser is next Saturday June 2, 2012.
1:00PM until 5:00 PM


Featuring J D Hoggs’ custom-smoked hotdogs, sausages and burgers.


JD Hoggs sources all its meat from local suppliers to produce the highest quality, all natural, lactose, gluten and filler-free products.


Discount on food and beverages to all KPDC members.


Dog Lovers Raffle
First Prize $100 Gift Certificate – McPhillips Animal Hospital
Second Prize – $75 Gift Certificate – Pet Valu
Third Prize – $50 Gift Certificate – Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp

50/50 Draw

All proceeds will be directed to improvements to the off-leash area.
Please remember to bring a chair.


May 2012

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Improvements at the Dog Park


Winnipeg Parks and Open Space Division has begun to implement some of its consultant’s recommendations for improvements to the Dog Park. KPDC, Kilcona’s official steward, will work with the City to raise funds for specific improvement projects.

The recommendations are contained in a report entitled “Kilcona Park – Off-Leash Area Path Remediation.” The report was prepared by Landscape Architect Dean Spearman who was commissioned by the City of Winnipeg in April 2011 to study and address trail damage and to look at ways to enhance the visitor experience in Kilcona’s off-leash area. The report indicates that the trails at Kilcona Park’s Off-Leash Dog Park are facing a number of challenges.

The Board of Directors of Kilcona Park Dog Club worked closely with Mr. Spearman and Parks and Open Spaces throughout the study. The club held a public meeting last April, where Mr. Spearman met with dog owners to hear their concerns. The following points were raised:

  • Trails had been damaged by vehicles, aggressive snow clearing practices and overuse. As a result, trails were compromised in spring and after heavy rain; rendering them muddy, slippery and difficult to navigate.
  • Poor drainage and run-off were contributing to trail erosion.
  • A shortage of litter baskets discouraged dog owners from picking up after their pets.
  • The off-leash area should be expanded to accommodate the increased number of dogs and people using the park.
  • More trees should be planted to create shelter belts, and existing trees should be protected from dog urine with guards.
  • Washroom hours should be extended beyond 3pm because most people walk their dogs in the evening.
  • The toboggan run adjacent to the off-leash area should be moved or closed.


Mr. Spearman also met with park staff to hear their point of view and made several on-site visits during the spring and summer to evaluate the trail network. He hiked the park’s entire trail network with the Board to hear Kilcona Park Dog Club’s perspective.


The report notes:

“The user density of Kilcona Park exceeds the capacity of the trails in their current state. Short and long-term capital investments are required if the trails are to be able to meet the demands of current and increasing park user-ship. Durable trails must be able to drain well and there are several areas that require some form of surface grade alteration to provide good drainage.

Lack of drainage, combined with increased usage and prolonged wet periods over a number of years, compounded with unfortunate maintenance practices have resulted in unfavourable path conditions such as standing water, ruts and muddy sections.

In addition, conflicts, both perceived and real, between different park users exist. Finally, some issues arise regarding the “legibility” of the off-leash area.”

The report recommends:

  1. Remediation that improves drainage at key locations, including ditch excavation, the installation of more culverts, regarding, and surfacing the paths with crusher fines instead of wood chips, which actually retain moisture and slow the rate of evaporation.
  2. Policies that prevent damage to the paths and allow them to recover from stress.
  3. Improving site furnishings, signage and providing trash receptacle stations.
  4. Path reconstruction and improvements in selected locations.
  5. Provision of more appropriate tools and equipment to maintenance staff.
  6. Clearly stated and communicated policies.
  7. New signage – both temporary and permanent – to communicate ongoing path management, and more permanent usage guidelines.


In addition the report contains specific recommendations for:

  • Improved park maintenance practices and procedures that include vehicle considerations.
  • Minimizing human and animal impact on trails by widening them, permanently and/or temporarily closing, relocating, and/or rotating them.
  • Park furnishings – more benches along the trails, trash kiosks, and standardized signage regarding park etiquette, by-laws, water advisories, trail closures, and maps).


The City has already implemented several recommendations.

  • Six new trash/signage kiosks with park maps have been manufactured and will be installed along the trails this summer.
  • Additional litter baskets have been installed at permanent locations.
  • New water quality warning signs have been installed near the ponds in the off-leash area and more will be added this spring.
  • Washroom hours have been extended to accommodate evening traffic.
  • New lower impact snow clearing practices and summer maintenance practices are in place.
  • The toboggan run adjacent to the off-leash will be relocated south of the ball diamond to reduce conflict between the user groups and giving tobogganers a longer, obstacle-free run.


The class D estimate for improving drainage, upgrading the perimeter trail in the off-leash area and for kiosks, benches, signage and tree guards is close to $500,000.  KPDC will focus on raising funds for specific improvements such as the purchase of benches and kiosks, forestation of the off-leash area and upgrading sections of the trail network.