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Nov 2012

KPDC Introduces Number Two Clue

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KPDC Introduces Number Two Clue

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from one of our members. Robyn Maharaj is a writer, fundraiser, marketer, former arts administrator and the newest member of KPDC’s Marketing Committee. Robyn and her girl Kobe, a 12 year-old shepherd/greyhound cross, have been coming to Kilcona Park for the past five years.

Robyn’s email lead to the creation of KPDC’s new Number Two Clue dog waste management program that members approved at the club’s Annual General Meeting on November 19.

As Robyn explains, “The Number Two Clue Program evolved from [a recent experience at the park]. I was there on Saturday with lots of other people and their dogs ( great weather! ) and observed two dogs defecating. No one was cleaning up after them.

Because of the crowd assembled in the main area behind the dog club bulletin boards near the parking lot, I don’t think it was intentional but rather accidental as everyone was chatting, playing with other dogs, etc.  It got me thinking that perhaps there is a way to alert dog owners when this is occurring so that no owner can say they weren’t aware.

I don’t think [the program] has to be super-organized ( like creating or coordinating volunteer schedules ) but rather promoted as a volunteer option for those who go to the park and congregate in the main areas where the dogs play. If a dog owner plans to hang out there for a period of time, why not help out to keep the dog park cleaner?

From what I have observed, most owners who walk their dogs around the fields or on the trails are pretty good cleaning up after their dogs.

Because of the amount of play in the areas around the parking lot, it would be great if those areas were kept clean by the dog owners.”

Robyn is certainly not the only person who’s observed that many Kilcona dog owners are not stooping and scooping. Responsible dog owners complain to each other at the park, on social media and in emails to the Board.

Dog feces carry serious diseases and parasites; KPDC asks  Kilcona’s dog park community to step up and be part of an initiative to make the park a cleaner, healthier, safer place.

The Number Two Clue Program works like this. Carry a whistle. If you see a dog defecating, and observe that no one is preparing to clean up after it, give two short whistles to attract the owner’s attention and point to the offending dog.

Bringing a flashlight to the park makes it easier to find the right spot and pick up after dark.

Follow the link below and check out the  Number Two Clue poster that Robyn and Maple Grove’s Allison Machovec (Pet-quette designer) created for the park bulletin board using a photo by Greg Conn’s (Chico’s dad) as the background.

Number Two Clue is not meant to be a punishment or shaming. It’s simply dog owners looking out for fellow dog owners.

The new program is integrated with KPDC’s Extra Bag Solution. Carry extra bags, pick up one extra “offering” whenever you visit the park and  don’t hesitate to offer a bag to an owner in need.

Donna Henry
Kilcona Park Dog Club Inc.

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