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Apr 2014

It’s Easy Being Green with KPDC’s Newest Platinum Sponsor

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Make Every Day Earth Day!

It’s Easy Being Green with KPDC’s Newest Platinum Sponsor


Want to go green AND save money? Of course you do! When you buy an Interstate Battery you’re doing both!

…and Interstate will pay you to recycle your old car battery. We call that a win-win-win!

KPDC salutes its newest platinum sponsor for taking environmental stewardship to a whole new level and for making our world a little greener and cleaner.

At Interstate, green is more than a colour – it’s the company’s highest standard for protecting the environment. Interstate is North America’s leading recycler of lead-acid batteries.


KPDC member, Amanda Darlington is Interstate’s Assistant Operations Manager. She’s proud that for every automotive or lead-acid battery Interstate sells, the company recycles four.


Interstate Operations Manager, Einar Sandland and Assistant Operations Manager Amanda Darlington

Interstate accepts automotive, alkaline, cellphone, laptop and other consumer batteries. Their convenient East Kildonan location – Suite G-10 Keenleyside –  makes “going green” easy.

With a reputation for top-quality products and consistently reliable service, Interstate Batteries is North America’s Number One replacement brand battery. The company sells more than 16,000 kinds of batteries—from AAA alkalines, automotive and industrial batteries to critical power solutions, and everything in between.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…and Rethink

Automotive and household batteries – whether they power our cell phones, laptops, or flashlights – are an essential part of our everyday lives. The average Canadian home uses 26 different battery-powered devices. As you read this, you’ve likely got half a dozen different batteries within easy reach.

Ever stop to consider what happens to old batteries and why you, as a dog owner, should care?

Not long ago, Kilcona Dog Park was an industrial wasteland – an “out of sight, out of mind” corner of the city where Winnipeggers disposed of their household garbage and junk.


In 1987 the dump was closed and capped with eight feet of clay. Old batteries, tires, toxic pesticides, petroleum products and other hazardous materials lie buried beneath the off-leash area.


Thirty years later, chunks of decomposing garbage still break through the surface. Pipes from deep inside the landfill spew plumes of methane gas that foul the air and contribute to global warming. Water quality signs warn us to keep our dogs out of Kilcona’s retention ponds.


Heavy metals and other contaminants from spent batteries wreak havoc on the environment, and harm people and animals that come in contact with them. An automobile battery contains about a gallon of sulfuric acid, three pounds of plastic and 21 pounds of lead. Batteries contain other hazardous materials that leach into soil, surface water and groundwater.


Interstate recycles 99% of these materials. Lead is reprocessed to make plates for new batteries, and reclaimed plastic is used for new covers and cases. Battery acid is re-used or neutralized, treated and re-claimed as water.

Interstate exceeds Environment Canada’s standards for the safe handling, transportation and recycling of old batteries. All lead is recycled at approved North American smelters, operating under stringent government regulations. None is processed off-shore.


Interstate accepts automotive, alkaline, cellphone, laptop and other consumer batteries. Their convenient East Kildonan location makes “going green” easy.

And just how dependable are Interstate batteries?   Outrageously Dependable®!


Green Means “Go” When It’s 40 below!

Check out this clever YouTube video to see why your next battery should be an Interstate.


Here’s a brainteaser: how many household batteries were sold in Canada in 2012?

A)      750 million

B)      225 million

C)      One billion

If you guessed A, you’re right. That’s a lot of used batteries making their way into landfills.


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Mar 2014

Indulge Your Dog and Save at the “Unkennel” – A KPDC Gold Sponsor

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Indulge Your Dog at the “Unkennel” – A KPDC Gold Sponsor


KPDC members now enjoy savings at one of North America’s finest boarding facilities. Rated by the Travel Channel as one of the top five places to pamper your pet, Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp is a cut above average.


It’s rural parkland setting, with five acres of breathtaking green space; picturesque swimming pond; sandy beach; and 12 grassy, well-treed exercise yards make Waldenway a doggy paradise.


Owner Rob Sarrasin says, “Waldenway is a Disneyland for dogs. It’s a vacation facility, so your dog has fun while you’re having fun. We want to make your pet’s stay is the best holiday they’ve ever had and we work hard to make sure the experience is positive and stress-free every time.”


There’s a great family vibe at Waldenway. Rob (second row right) began working there when he was just thirteen and at twenty-one he bought the business. Waldenway’s an amazing place, reflecting Sarrasin’s hard work, dedication and love of animals.


At Waldenway, the days are filled with opportunities for campers to run, sniff, socialize and explore. Dogs play and stretch their legs in the camp’s spacious exercise yards four times a day at no additional cost.

Your dog can go for scheduled walks; play fetch or swim in Waldenway’s “Golden Pond”; and go for canoe rides. One-on-one play-times are available.



 Dogs that are sociable and friendly can be matched with suitable pals for play dates.

Your dog will thank you for scheduling a relaxing spa day with Waldenway’s certified groomers. “Pampered Pet” services include bathing, clipping, nail trim and paw tidy up. They’ll even brush your dog’s teeth.


Waldenway’s immaculate new canine bunkhouse is state of the art. Every camper enjoys his own personal air-conditioned cabin.  Heated ceramic floors keep cabins warm and cozy in winter.

Each unit is equipped with a comfy custom-made Petz Paradize cot; clean, dry bedding; soothing music; and soft night lights. A heat recovery ventilation system delivers a steady flow of fresh country air, renewing the air in the facility every hour.


Every camper has access to a private outdoor run so they choose when they want a bathroom break, exercise, or just a change of scenery. Outdoor runs are sheltered so guests stay clean and dry if it rains or snows.


Waldenway’s team of experienced, animal care specialists are certified by St John’s Ambulance in pet first aid. Trained handlers, walkers and groomers are equipped to respond safely and efficiently to a sick or injured guest. And if your dog’s on insulin, needs eye drops, heartworm pills or other medication, staff will administer it exactly the way you do at home at no additional cost.

Waldenway offers customized care. If your dog has a special diet, nothing will change. Food will be served up just the way he or she likes it. You can send a container of dog food with feeding instructions or pre-package individual meals.


And meal times and feeding schedules won’t change either. If you fill your pal’s bowl in the morning and he nibbles all day – Waldenway staff will do the same. If it’s two cups at breakfast and two cups at dinner with a spoonful of wet food mixed in, consider it done. Bowls are filled with fresh clean water twice a day.


There’s a fridge, freezer and microwave to help with special requests.


With a ratio of one staff member for every fifteen dogs, there’s no limit on cuddles at Waldenway! Camp councillors dish up love and affection all day long – belly rubs and hugs at treat time, and feeding and scratches behind the ear when they’re cleaning bunkhouses and freshening up water pails.




While you’re away, check Waldenway’s Facebook page where staff post regular updates about guests. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pets are having fun, enjoying their own vacation.


Getting ready for a trip or just don’t have time? Let Waldenway’s pick-up and return shuttle service take care of you. The Pet Shuttle is outfitted with travel crates for your dog’s safety and comfort.



Waldenway is located just south of St. Anne’s at 33161 PR 210 W, a 30 minute drive from Winnipeg. They can be found on Google Maps by searching Waldenway.

GPS: N 49.67degrees, W -96.68degrees

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Mar 2014

Member Savings at Ken-Del Kennels!

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Member Savings at Ken-Del Kennels!

Show your KPDC membership card and save on boarding at Ken-del Kennels, another great corporate sponsor!

Ken-del is a family-owned full-service boarding facility catering to all household pets. Kilcona dog owners will love its country setting and convenient location – just a five minute drive north of the park.

Ken-Del dogs and horses

Like many KPDC sponsors, Ken-del’s owners, Nici and Troy Milton are club members who bring their own dogs Layla, Cainen and Tundra to Kilcona Dog Park.


Each of the thirty-five kennels in the main building is heated and air conditioned for year-round comfort. Most have attached outdoor runs. There are eight heated kennels with an indoor play area.

 Ken-Del play area cropped

The Miltons say living on site allows them to give each dog personalized attention. They believe the effort staff put in to socializing their guests is what makes Ken-del special.

There are eight large outdoor exercise yards where off-leash dogs run and play together five to seven times a day, weather permitting. Dogs are grouped by size and temperament, play time is supervised and each playground is surrounded by a six foot fence for safety.

Ken-Del outdoor run

Ken-del tailors its services to your dog’s needs. If play isn’t enough to tire your high energy dog, on-leash walking services are available. Dogs that don’t play well with others get individual playtime with staff. Dogs that don’t want to be outdoors can play together in the spacious rubber-floored indoor play area.

Ken-Del Kennels offers full grooming services. Their certified groomer has years of experience with all breeds of dogs.

For every dog’s health and safety, Ken-del requires owners to provide current rabies, distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza and bordetella vaccination certificates.

Check Ken-del’s Facebook page for great videos of happy dogs enjoying the facility.

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Ken del Kennels