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Mar 2014

Member Savings at Ken-Del Kennels!

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Member Savings at Ken-Del Kennels!

Show your KPDC membership card and save on boarding at Ken-del Kennels, another great corporate sponsor!

Ken-del is a family-owned full-service boarding facility catering to all household pets. Kilcona dog owners will love its country setting and convenient location – just a five minute drive north of the park.

Ken-Del dogs and horses

Like many KPDC sponsors, Ken-del’s owners, Nici and Troy Milton are club members who bring their own dogs Layla, Cainen and Tundra to Kilcona Dog Park.


Each of the thirty-five kennels in the main building is heated and air conditioned for year-round comfort. Most have attached outdoor runs. There are eight heated kennels with an indoor play area.

 Ken-Del play area cropped

The Miltons say living on site allows them to give each dog personalized attention. They believe the effort staff put in to socializing their guests is what makes Ken-del special.

There are eight large outdoor exercise yards where off-leash dogs run and play together five to seven times a day, weather permitting. Dogs are grouped by size and temperament, play time is supervised and each playground is surrounded by a six foot fence for safety.

Ken-Del outdoor run

Ken-del tailors its services to your dog’s needs. If play isn’t enough to tire your high energy dog, on-leash walking services are available. Dogs that don’t play well with others get individual playtime with staff. Dogs that don’t want to be outdoors can play together in the spacious rubber-floored indoor play area.

Ken-Del Kennels offers full grooming services. Their certified groomer has years of experience with all breeds of dogs.

For every dog’s health and safety, Ken-del requires owners to provide current rabies, distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza and bordetella vaccination certificates.

Check Ken-del’s Facebook page for great videos of happy dogs enjoying the facility.

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Ken del Kennels