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May 2015

KPDC Welcomes It’s Newest Corporate Sponsor!

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KPDC is proud to welcome its newest corporate sponsor, Petrasko’s Market & Garden Centre.

Petraskos LOGO Complete

Over the past 40 years, this family-owned business has earned a well-deserved reputation as North Kildonan’s “go to” market for the finest produce available. From July through October Petrasko’s sells local farm-fresh produce.

A leisurely visit to the market is more like a country vacation than a trip to the grocery store. It’s a delightful experience you won’t want to miss. Surrounded by bins of colourful fruits and vegetables, you’ll find yourself exchanging recipes and tips with fellow shoppers and chatting with owners Kathy Plickett and Neil Wiebe and their friendly, knowledgeable staff about their producers, new varieties, and how to get the most out of the produce.

Manitoba farmers grow some of the tastiest vegetables in the world and Petrasko’s growers are masters of their craft. You’ll be feeding your family fresh, locally grown products, supporting Manitoba farmers and strengthening our economy.

In the spring Petrasko’s is all about gardening. That means seeds, plants, and flowers. Visit the greenhouse, experience the vibrant colours and soothing aromas, and choose from their abundant selection of gardening plants and gardening supplies. Petrasko’s is a one-stop shop for all your gardening needs.

Petrasko’s offers KPDC members 10% off all seeds and plants (until June 30) – and 10% off all produce orders over $35.00 from July 1 to the end of the season.

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Oct 2014

Gold Sponsor – Alpine Animal Hospital Offers KPDC Members Free Seminars and More!

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Alpine Animal Hospital – by Robyn Maharaj

For more than a generation, healthy things have been happening for dogs and cats at 10 Keenleyside Street. Back in 1978 when very little was developed commercially or residentially around there, Winnipeg Spay and Neuter Clinic was the main place in town offering such services to pet owners. Fast forward almost 30 years and now Alpine Animal Hospital (but technically carrying the registered WSNC name) remains at that location offering much more in the way of veterinary services.

Alpine 5

Photo credit: Robyn Maharaj

According to Dr. Jim Standish (one of a conglomerate of individuals invested in Alpine and its sister veterinary clinics) new technologies and communications capabilities has vastly changed and improved veterinary medicine.

Jim Standish DVM

Photo credit: Robyn Maharaj

“We do very few spay and neuters as compared to the early days when that was the primarily focus of the practice. Because of the changing nature of how dogs are being adopted, most animals are spayed and neutered through the Winnipeg Humane Society and through various rescues,” Standish says, who along with his partners purchased Alpine in 2006.

The clinic was remodeled to accommodate additional examination/ treatment rooms, a retail area specializing in quality pet food, as well as space for laser surgery, dental, laboratory, pharmacy, and patient kenneling. Alpine Animal Hospital treats primarily dogs (75%); cats (25%); and the occasional rabbit.

Alpine 6

Photo credit: Robyn Maharaj

Alpine’s day-to-day typically consists of vaccinations, annual check-ups, consultations and diagnosis, disease, injuries, and growths that require surgery and animal euthanization which Dr. Standish says is fairly typical of most vet offices – however, Alpine does offer some uniquely specialized services including orthopedic, soft tissue and laser surgeries; nose and throat surgeries, and dentals services.

Dr. Jaswant Singh, an Alpine Animal Hospital owner and veterinarian believes that new technology provides those who care and treat animals with complete and detailed information that helps them diagnose and create possible treatment plans quicker than ever.

“This information then allows us to provide our patients (pet owners) with as realistic and accurate a picture as we can provide. They want that when deciding what to do next with a pet that is sick. Results are also much quicker so we can begin a treatment program or medication immediately,” Dr. Singh says.

Alpine 3Dr. Jaswant Singh

Photo credit: Robyn Maharaj

The two biggest areas of concern that are at the forefront of canine health are obesity and dental disease. Obesity due to overfeeding and lack of enough daily exercise – according to Dr. Standish dogs should be tired when they return from a walk which should be daily if possible. Off-leash dog parks such as Kilcona Park are great places for dogs to walk, run, and play enough to benefit from exercise.

“Walking a dog – especially bigger dogs – a couple of blocks is just not enough. Exercise for dogs is a cure for many things including shedding unwanted weight but also lessens anxiety often correcting bad behavior, and provides excellent stimulation,” says Standish, who graduated from veterinary school in 1978.

Dental care is also an important part of a dog’s health care system as problem teeth and bad dog breath are one way that disease can be detected by a veterinarian. Dr. Singh recommends starting the teeth brushing process with puppies so they get used to having it done. There are also dental chews available that are also good at removing plaque buildup while cleaning the dog’s teeth in the process.

Alpine Animal Hospital offers monthly seminars that are free and open to the public (you can confirm your attendance by calling or e-mailing as seating is limited to 20 – refreshments are also served) and are conducted by staff on topics such as puppy basics, nutrition, geriatric diets for dogs, canine obesity, pet insurance. It provides an opportunity to ask a veterinarian a question on a relevant and current topic free of charge. Alpine Animal Hospital staff also believes in participating in public community events hosted by dog clubs and rescues as it allows them to provide a service at a discount (usually micro-chipping canines) but also to meet and talk to dog owners about the pet issues concerning them.


Alpine’s Micro-chipping Clinic at KPDC’s 2014 Fall Dog Fest

Photo credit: Siberian Studios/Paul Cote

According to Dr. Standish, Alpine Animal’s Hospital overall philosophy for its patients is to be knowledgeable, caring and friendly. However, his own personal philosophy when it comes to treating animals is simple.

“I think it’s important to do what is needed and to use a sensible approach. What is important to do for the dog/cat and what is important to do for the owner of that pet.”


About Robyn Maharaj

Robyn is a writer, fundraiser, marketer and former arts administrator who works as a freelance grant and feature writer. She’s a fundraiser for a Southern Florida medical foundation for adult stem cell research. Robyn’s writing and poetry has been published in Canadian literary journals, newspapers, magazines and anthologies.

A member of Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Marketing Committee, Robyn recently helped the club secure a $20,000 grant for park improvements, developed the “Number Two Clue” responsible pet education initiative, and promoted KPDC’s campaign to elect a dog-friendly Mayor and Council. An enthusiastic volunteer at fundraising and park stewardship events, Robyn is seen below serving up tasty dog treats at the Bone Appetit Bistro.


Photo credit: Siberian Studios/Paul Cote


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Jun 2014

Looking for A Dog Lover’s Realtor – Look No “Fur” ther

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Choosing a Realtor is an important decision. And when you own a pet, the decision is even more important.

Royal LePage Prime Logo

Home buyers need to know if the neighbourhood is pet friendly, whether the property has a fenced yard and where the nearest dog park is. And, of course, you need to know if the flooring is pet friendly or if you’ll have to spend a fortune on renovations.

Realtor Heather Vandenberg has dogs of her own. As one of Kilcona Dog Park’s “founders”, she has been bringing her dogs to Kilcona for the past twelve years.

Heather and Margot
Selling your home presents challenges that a knowledgeable, pet-friendly realtor can help you overcome. As a dog owner, Heather understands your special needs. She will prepare your home for showings, increasing the value of your property and reducing the length of time it’s on the market.

Heather offers a special service for KPDC members. List or buy with her and have your home professionally cleaned. The green cleaning company uses products that are safe for people and pets, and special vacuums designed to remove all pet hair. It’s a free service – up to eight hours – that will make your home appealing and welcoming to potential homebuyers.

Heather is a strong supporter of Kilcona Park Dog Club and an outstanding event volunteer, putting her talents to run Royal LePage Prime’s face painting booth at Winnipeg Dog Fest.

Heather Facepainting
Conveniently located at 1877 Henderson Hwy, North Kildonan’s Royal LePage Prime is one of Winnipeg’s largest real estate brokerages.

For more information visit Heather’s webite, heathervandenberg.com

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