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Aug 2013

Dogs Rule!

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Dogs Rule!

Monday was National Dog Day, the perfect day to give that puppy some extra puppy love!

big guy small dog

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

With sunny skies and plus 30 degree temperatures,  Kilcona Park was the coolest place in town to celebrate the dog days of summer. It was the largest National Dog Day event in Canada!

IAMS event long shot

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

Rosalyn, Wonka and dog in pool

Hundreds of Winnipeg dog owners celebrated in style at the KPDC – IAMS National dog Day Party in the Park, indulging their furry pals with popsicles handed out by a local radio station,  treats dished up by the IAMS Doggie Café and Pet Valu,  and  JD Doggs’ delicious custom-smoked hotdogs and sausages with all the trimmings. With days like that, it’s awesome being a dog!


Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

Rescue from Barbados

At their popular themed face painting booth, Royal LePage Prime artists amazed and amused everyone – transforming  children and fun-loving adults into adorable dogs. Several cats were also spotted in the dog park!

Dog Boy

Child with Black Dog

Photo credit: Pascale Thibodeau

Cat girl

Dog boy and sister

And IAMS photographers were on hand to capture that special smile.

Photo shoot at the IAMS Cafe

National Dog Day honours “The Dog” – raising awareness about sheltered dogs in need of  for good homes, and encouraging their adoption. It honours dogs that work selflessly every day to save lives and keep people safe, and raises a paw to the one creature in your life who is always happy to see you when you get home.

More Puppy Love

 Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

The National Dog Day Foundation’s motto is, “Saving 10,000 Dogs – One Day at a Time”. It’s a goal they try to meet each year.

The participation of Angel’s Haven, Boston Terrier Pug Rescue, DREAM, Earth Terrier Rescue, Manitoba Small Dog Rescue and Manitoba Underdogs, many volunteer foster parents, and adorable adoptables waiting for placement drew attention to the critical need for permanent homes for rescued dogs in need of love, protection and companionship.


Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

adoptable 1

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala


Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

Wonka and Cat Girl

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

KPDC’s Board of Directors  salutes its partners, corporate sponsors and the great volunteers who made  KPDC – IAMS National Dog Day such a huge success! Their special talents and skills,  time and effort brought in over $1800 for Kilcona Dog Park improvements.

KPDC Volunteers

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

The Volunteer Team that Rocks!

Angie Carriere

Carol Barrett

Cindy Greenlay

Gail Warywoda

Julie Johnson

Kevin Gordon

Kyle Lawrence

Leslie McLaren

Maria Conley

Melanie Bidzinski

Michelle Champagne

Pat Gray

Robyn Mahara

Sasha Emric

Teresa Wiebe

The Board also thanks  IAMS for their generous donation to KPDC for park improvements;  Wayne L’Esperance – the Dogfather – for providing the free doggy day care for volunteers and partners;  Park Foreman Mark Storimans and his staff for logistical support; and our official event photographer Vince Pahkala for capturing so many wonderful images of the day on camera.


Aug 2013

KPDC Introduces Recycling to Kilcona Park

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KPDC Introduces Recycling to Kilcona Park

Twenty-five pounds of beverage containers were diverted from Winnipeg landfills on Monday. It may not seem like a lot, but the recyclables were collected in just one day – and they were collected in only one part of the park – the off-leash play area.

Kilcona’s attractive new recycling bins made their debut at the KPDC – IAMS National Dog Day Party through a partnership between KPDC and the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association.

The cheerful, bright blue beverage containers were well-received.  Large crowds, blistering heat and high humidity insured they were also well-used!

IAMS event long shot

KPDC-IAMS National Dog Day Party Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

CBCRA’s new RECYCLE EVERYWHERE Program allows Manitobans to conveniently recycle beverage cans, juice and milk cartons, and bottles – no matter where they are.

recycling bins

Except for KPDC-sponsored events, there are no recycling bins in Winnipeg’s largest regional park. In the off-leash area, beverage containers are tossed into Kilcona litter baskets along with bags of dog waste all year round. Everything ends up in the dump.

Is there an amazingly simple solution to the problem? KPDC thought so – RECYCLE EVERYWHERE bins that CBCRA provides at no cost – a bonus for the club and Winnipeg taxpayers!

Recycling extends the life of our landfills and create more sustainable communities. Recyclables simply don’t belong in landfills.

KPDC supports recycling and, as the official off-leash area steward, made an offer to Winnipeg Parks and Open Space. The club would secure permanent recycling bins for the dog park and promote recycling; park staff would collect recyclables when they empty the litter baskets.

The City declined the offer, informing the club that they’re running a pilot recycling program at Kildonan Park. The City says, “Public Works position is to complete the pilot and assess it before installing bins in other parks. We will be mindful of locations like Kilcona when time comes to expand.”

Under the new partnership agreement with CBCRS, KPDC volunteers are responsible for taking collected recyclables to one of Winnipeg’s recycling depots.  For now,  recycling will only happen a club-sponsored events. Park-wide recycling will only happen if and when the City expands its recycling program beyond Kildonan.

Did you know that recyclables are being used to create all sorts of interesting and valuable things.

  • Of course, recycled drink cans are used to make new ones but they’re also used to make airplane parts, building facades and bicycle.
  • Recycled glass bottles have a future as countertops, flooring, tile, landscaping stones and bricks; and recycled drink cartons are transformed into cardboard boxes and tissue paper.
  • Recycled plastic bottles are turned into patio furniture, benches and truck cargo liners. Recycling just five two-litre bottles produces enough polyester for a square yard of carpet fabric. Plastic’s also used to make recycling bins – coming full circle!


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Aug 2013

Royal LePage Prime – Your Pet-Friendly Real Estate Brokerage

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Royal LePage Prime Logo 185

When you own a pet, choosing a realtor is a very important decision. Home buyers need to know if the neighbourhood is pet friendly, whether the property has a fenced yard and where the nearest dog park is. And, of course, you need to know if the flooring is pet-friendly or if you have to spend a fortune on renovations.

Conveniently located at 1877 Henderson Hwy, North Kildonan’s Royal LePage Prime is one of Winnipeg’s largest real estate brokerages.  Their realtors live, work and play in the area, and have a deep understanding of the local market. Their knowledge and experience can point dog loving home buyers in the right direction.

Several Royal LePage Prime realtors have dogs of their own and are regulars at Kilcona Dog Park.

Selling your home presents challenges that a knowledgeable, pet-friendly realtor can help you overcome. Royal LePage Prime realtors understand your special needs. They can prepare your home for showings, increasing the value of your property and reducing the length of time it’s on the market.

Call Royal LePage Prime at 204-989-7900 for information about special promotions that independent agents are offering.

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