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Nov 2016

A New Kilcona Park Improvement Project – Enjoy the Views in Comfort!

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Kilcona Park Dog Club is pleased to announce that 8 new park benches have just been installed along trails in the off-leash and on-leash areas. Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather, park staff anchored the last five benches into the ground this morning. Thanks to the installation team and all of the other City of Winnipeg Parks East staff who were involved in the project!






The new benches are the latest initiative of KPDC Stewardship Program’s to fund park improvements and enhance Kilcona’s green space. The club purchased the first 8 benches for Kilcona’s off-leash area in 2013/14.

Kilcona Park Dog Club and Parks East staff selected the sites for the new benches based on KPDC members’ recommendations and on the intrinsic character of each location – peaceful places with shade/shelter that offer nice views of the ponds, the wildlife, and in spots where people and dogs might like to rest and relax.




Three benches are on the North Pond Trail, overlook the northwest pond; two are on the Forest Trail, offering views of the South Canal and the southwest pond. One is located on the berm near the Perfect Circle Flying Club, offering a different view the southwest pond and the beaver lodge. The last one, at the entrance to the paved paths, will be a convenient resting spot for people using the new drinking fountain and rinse station.




The new benches were purchased at a cost of $16,000, including construction, delivery, installation and a 10-year maintenance agreement. The project was made possible through a public-private partnership involving KPDC’s own fundraising efforts; a generous donation from the club’s Platinum Sponsor, Birchwood Ford Parks; and the support of City Councillors Russ Wyatt, Jeff Browaty and Jason Schreyer through a Land Dedication Reserve Fund grant.




The benches, constructed by the City of Winnipeg, are made of high density polyethylene. Consisting of 90% post-consumer waste, they are environmentally friendly. The benches are attractive and easy to maintain since they resist fading and do not need staining.

Kilcona Park Dog Cub, with the collaboration of generous sponsors like Birchwood Ford and Royal Lepage Prime, has donated $40,000 worth of furnishings to the park over the past four years.

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Nov 2016


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“Make a Splash” this holiday season by giving a special gift that’s raising money to bring clean, fresh drinking water into Kilcona Park.

“Tucker’s Tips on Living with People: From One Dog to Another” is a humorous and engaging perspective on life as told from a dog’s point of view. From one dog to another, Tucker talks about the challenges of living with people and gives advice to his bestie.

It’s a book for sharing, appealing to dog-loving adults; children over the age of five love it!

Tyler White, the book’s author, says “Tucker’s Tips” is a celebration of two special bichon/poodles, her life with them and all that they taught her. She laughs when she says her lab, Sunny, is a lucky dog. He got Tyler after Tucker and his pal had already trained her.

Tyler is a member of Kilcona Park Dog Club and an enthusiastic, active volunteer. Acknowledging the “amazing job” KPDC volunteers are doing to raise funds to bring clean, fresh drinking water into the off-leash area, she says she’s thrilled to be able to donate all the profit from the sale of each book to the water features project.

“Tucker’s Tips” was Tyler’s first published work. She is the acclaimed author of four plays with themes of empowerment – “The Funeral Guest”, “The Dance”, “Launched” and “Bear and Blue’s Adventures in the Whispering Woods”.  As a mental health professional, Tyler is quick to point out that empowered people are happier and kinder.

Follow the link to purchase your copy of “Tucker’s Tips”.

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Oct 2016

Notice of Annual General Meeting

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Public Library at Henderson and McLeod

Doors open at 5:30pm and the meeting starts at 6:00 pm.

Join the conversation, identify priorities for your favorite dog park, have a say in setting the club’s direction for 2017, and elect the new Board of Directors.

Everyone with a 2017 membership is welcome to attend. Memberships may be purchased at the door.

Your Board will  present an update on recent discussions with the City on park improvements, and let members know what’s happening with our fundraising and lobbying efforts to bring clean fresh water into the park, and install a drinking fountain, dog rinse station and splash pad in the off-leash area.



KILCONA DOG LOVERS’ REWARDS –  the Early Bird Membership Contest draw we’ve all been waiting for,  50/50 draw, and lots of amazing door prizes!!



  • Introductions

  • Adoption of Agenda

  • Adoption of 2015 AGM Minutes

  • President’s Annual Report

    • Highlights

      • How close are we to implementing the water features project?

        • Status report – drinking fountain, dog rinse station and splash pad.

      • What’s up with the water?

        • 2016 water quality test

      • What’s the scoop?

        • Waste bag dispenser pilot project evaluation

      • What’s new this year?

        • Purchase of 8 new park benches

      • What’s happening with the Kilcona Park Management Plan?

        • Status report

  • How well did KPDC raise funds this year? What did we spend money on? What’s our bottom line?

    • Treasurer’s Annual Report

  • How did KPDC members benefit and what are the plans to continue and expand those benefits?

    • Director of Marketing’s Annual Report

      • Five-year marketing plan – 2016 to 2021

      • 2016 sponsorship report, 2017 sponsorship plans.

      • Pet retailers

  • Q and A – Ask Your Board

    • Open discussion and decisions on park management issues – lobbying for expansion of off-leash area boundaries, advocacy for water features project, etc.

  • Proposed by-law amendments

  • Proposed 2017 Goals and Objectives

  • Consideration – specific motions that Members give notice of before meeting

  • Election of 2015-16 Board of Directors

  • Adjournment

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