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Jun 2013

KPDC Receives City of Winnipeg Per Capita Grant

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Kilcona Park Dog Club  thanks North Kildonan Councillor Jeff Browaty and East Kildonan Councillor Thomas Steen for a generous Per Capita Grant  to support the club’s 2013  BBQ fundraisers.

KPDC’s June 8th BBQ was a very successful event, generating significant revenue for park improvements. The club will continue to fundraise over the summer through the sale of memberships, corporate sponsorships, raffle tickets, branded products and donations. KPDC’s next major fundraising event is the September 7th fall BBQ.

KPDC members prioritized and approved furnishings that KPDC will purchase and donate to the City last November,  at the 2012 Annual General Meeting. KPDC will undertake the first of the off-leash area improvements – the purchase of standard and wheelchair accessible picnic tables and park benches – as its funding targets are reached.

The first KPDC-funded improvement will happen in July when an 8000-capacity cigarette butt receptacle will be installed in the parking lot next to the dog play area. Cigarette butts are toxic when ingested by dogs – it only takes two to kill a puppy. The new receptacle will not only reduce the risk of accidental poisoning but is expected to reduce the amount of litter that accumulates in the main gathering spot in the off-leash area.

The Board is also examining  a new opportunity to install recycling bins at the park through the “Recycle Everywhere” program.

Thanks again to Councillors Browaty and Steen for their generous contribution Kilcona Park Dog Club and their continued support to Kilcona’s dog community!

Donna Henry
President – Kilcona Park Dog Cub Inc.

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Jun 2013

KPDC Board Announcement

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Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Board of Directors regrets to announce that it has accepted the resignation of Wayne L’Esperance for personal reasons. Wayne joined the Board in November 2012 and served as KPDC’s Director of Events.

Wayne will continue to volunteer his time to support KPDC’s fundraising and stewardship activities and his company, Dogfather Pet Services, remains a KPDC corporate Gold Sponsor.

The Board is grateful for the Dogfather’s dedicated service to Kilcona Park and the club over the years and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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May 2013

Dog Owners Fear Losing Park to Economic Development

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Dog owners are worried about the future of Little Mountain Park because of industrial construction that surrounds it, but the city park is actually in the RM of Rosser, and no city councillor represents it.

Photo Credit: CBC – Leslie McLaren

Watch CBC Winnipeg’s  television newscast for the latest story on the threat to Winnipeg off-leash areas or read the story on-line at:

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