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May 2014

Stacy Boone Appointed to KPDC’s Board of Directors

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I am pleased to announce the appointment of Stacy Boone to Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Board of Directors as the club’s new Director of Volunteers.


Stacy is a welcomed addition to the team. She brings a cookbook of skills to the KPDC Board. From a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, years of political experience working with MLA’s and Members of Parliament, and currently employed in Community Development; her professional and personal drive as the KPDC Director of Volunteers is an excellent match for her love of people and helping to provide a safe, fun place for pets to run free!

Stacy knew from the very few first few steps she took at Kilcona Park that it was a magical place – not only for the four legged kind but the two legged ones too!

Stacy’s first date with her now spouse occurred in the sunny hills of Kilcona Park – a fun and safe place for their dogs to meet for the first time too. A few years later, this story continues, only today Stacy has joined the KPDC Board as Director of Volunteers. Stacy believes that improvements and changes to the park come from becoming involved – not just talking about it.

Stacy is an animal lover She has been an advocate and foster parent with many local dog rescues in Winnipeg. She is the proud owner of a funny little rescue dog named Milo, from Winnipeg Animal Services, and Bailey, a sparky mini schnauzer who love their daily trips to Kilcona Park.

Donna Henry

President – Kilcona Park Dog Club Inc.

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