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Dec 2012

Request for Feedback

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Request for Feedback

Kilcona Park Dog Club, Maple Grove Dog Owners Association, Little Mountain Park Pet Owners Association and representatives from several other off-leash areas are working to establish a coalition of dog park organizations that will have a strong collective voice in advocating for dog owners. The Winnipeg Network of Dog Owner Groups (WINDOG) will address matters of common concern to all of the city’s off-leash areas.

As a first step, WINDOG is asking each association to identify  issues that are specific to its park. This will help us narrow down our priorities.

KPDC members have been asked to participate in a survey. The Board is asking members to take a few minutes to think about Kilcona Park and identify major issues or concerns. We’re also interested in hearing solutions.

Since WINDOG represents dog owner groups, you must be a member of Kilcona Park Dog Club to  participate in the survey. If you wish to participate it’s not too late to drop by PetValu – either the Reenders or Rivergrove location – and purchase a membership. Once you’ve renewed, please contact KPDC’s president – The survey closes December 15.


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