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Nov 2012

Urgent Blood Request

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Blood Donor Found, Buddy’s Okay –

Thanks KPDC!

Kilcona Park Dog Club received (2:30 pm Nov 17, 2012) the following urgent request.


Hello Kilcona Park Dog Club,


I am putting out a desperate call for NEGATIVE canine blood this weekend!! My little dog, Buddy, is in dire and immediate need of a blood transfusion!! He is type NEGATIVE blood, and I am searching frantically for a canine donor. Red River’s Canine Blood Clinic is closed this weekend, and does not reopen until Monday, at which point it will, in all likelihood, be too late, and my dog will have died. I am being pro-active and trying to save my little guy’s life. Could you please put out an immediate request to your membership at large asking if there is somebody with a canine over 50 lbs. and between the age of 1-8 years who can contact the Machray Animal Hospital and/or Pembina Animal Hospital today (Sat. Nov. 17) AND bring their dog down to PEMBINA ANIMAL HOSPITAL so it get get tested for blood type so that my dog can receive his transfusion. It is a matter of life and death.


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