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May 2013

Kilcona’s Dog Community Acts to Stop Illegal Dumping

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Kilcona’s Dog Community Acts to Stop Illegal Dumping

Kilcona dog owners are helping the Park Patrol crack down on illegal garbage dumping in the former “Leaf It With Us” depot at the west end of the parking lot. The depot, which recycled leaves and yard waste into a soil-like material, was closed last October with the introduction of Winnipeg’s new garbage and recycling collection system.


The closure of the “Leaf It” depot hasn’t stopped scofflaws, who continue to drop off bulky refuse like mattresses, furniture and toilets; and household garbage that includes rotten food, clothes; yard waste and recyclables. Some of the trash is coming from outside the city.


Abandoned garbage not only creates an eyesore, but by attracting rodents and firebugs, it also creates heath and fire risks. And in the end, all of us pay to have abandoned trash hauled away to Brady landfill.


Park Police have stepped up enforcement and are on the look-out for offenders. Officers who patrol the park on a daily basis have observed garbage-laden trucks enter the parking lot, only to circle it and leave when the driver spots the marked Park Patrol vehicle. New unmarked vehicles are being introduced to improve monitoring and enforcement.



One KPDC member, responding to the WINDOG Survey, says last year’s illegal dumping in Kilcona’s parking lot was “not only a concern, it was an outrage.”


“During the entire spring, summer and fall, illegal dumping of yard waste went on unabated.  During most of the season, a sign displaying that the former leaf drop off area was CLOSED was totally ignored as vehicle after vehicle continually dropped of branches, leaves and grass during all hours of daylight.  The worst offenders were the landscaping companies that would drop off an easy twelve to twenty large leaf bags loaded with grass cuttings.


As the temperature rose into the high twenties and low thirties during the summer, the rotting grass started cooking and the stink would permeate the parking and picnic table areas.  Now that there was an unenforced dumping area in place, it didn’t take long for the lowlife to start dumping garbage and construction materials.


And these were no small piles…one grew to epic proportions and took up 14 parking spots during a high-use park period, and it was tough to find parking during those evenings.  Every now and then, the City would have to bring in private contractors to remove the piles at taxpayers’ expense.”



This year the City is taking a zero tolerance approach to illegal garbage dumping. On Wednesday City Council approved tough new fines for illegal dumping.


The old fine for illegal dumping of a large load of garbage, furniture, car parts and appliances was $300. The new minimum fines, effective immediately, were increased to $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for corporations.


The fine for illegal dumping of smaller amounts of garbage was raised to $600 for individuals or $1,200 for corporations.


It’s our park – help keep it clean and safe! If you see anyone illegally dumping garbage, record the vehicle plate number, a description of both the vehicle and the offender and report the incident to 311. A photograph helps. Ask the 311 operator for a reference number for the incident and ask to be kept informed.


If you’re reading this article and you’re one of the offenders, be forewarned – you will be reported!


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