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May 2013

Keep Calm and Bark On

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Credit: Rob Pristupa

 Recently I received a report that Winnipeg Animal Services officers had been at Kilcona photographing license plates of owners who let their dog leave their vehicle without a leash. The person who reported the incident said these dog owners believed they were going to be fined.

Like most rumours, there’s a germ of truth in this story.

Animal Services has confirmed they check all of Winnipeg’s off-leash parks on a regular basis for everything from dog license compliance to proper use of on and off leash areas so here’s a friendly reminder to KPDC members.

The fine for having your dog off leash fine is $100. And if you still don’t have a license you should know that the non-compliance penalty’s pretty steep. For any unlicensed dog collared by Animal Services, there’s a $250 fine, plus a $52 impoundment fee, a daily $23 boarding fee, and tax….and you still have to buy the license to get out of jail!

You can save yourself all that grief – dog licenses only cost $29 a year for spayed/neutered dogs, and $64 for intact animals. Visit Animal Services website to find out where to purchase a license.



KPDC fully supports Animal Services’ Zero Tolerance licensing policy. Funds raised through the sale of licenses have allowed WASA to transform the former Dog Pound into virtually a no-kill facility where lost dogs are fed and sheltered until they can be re-united with their owners.

Dog licensing revenues are also used to fund WASA’s Dog Adoption Program.

In 2008 359 dogs were euthanized. Last year that number dropped by 75% – only 92 aggressive and terminally ill shelter animals were destroyed.


Animal Services Adoption/Volunteer Coordinator Lorna Verschoore with adoptive family

Photo credit: City of Winnipeg


Adorable adoptables Noah and Eva were found near the corner of Ellice Ave.  and Wall St.

Photo credit: City of Winnipeg


Animal Services officer responds to a call to rescue a puppy from a Jefferson Ave. dumpster

Photo credit: Winnipeg Sun



Wet and a little dehydrated, Rayne was given medical care and placed for adoption.

Photo credit: Winnipeg Sun

Dog licensing revenues are also used to:

  • return licensed stray dogs to their owners through the “Free Ride Home” program
  • transport lost dogs that require emergency care to a veterinarian
  • educate the public about responsible pet ownership
  • provide emergency services including attending house fires, car accidents, and police assists to help in the removal of animals.
  • pick up stray dogs, including dogs that have attacked people.
  • help neighbours resolve their problems related to dogs

111229- Fire Cat.jpg

A matted cat pulled from the ashes by firefighters is transferred to Animal Services Shelter.

Photo credit: Winnipeg Free Press

As a responsible dog owner, please remember Animal Services is your ally. Kilcona Park Dog Club relies on Animal Services to check the park for compliance with respect to dog waste, and aggressive dogs and dog owners (including the recent mauling involving Tank).  KPDC and Animal Services meet several times a year and partner in public education initiatives like the new Pet-iquette dog park safety/etiquette brochure. WASA’s adorable adoptables are standard features at club events.


Winnipeg Animal Services “Adorable Adoptables”, Elmer and Flynn at KPDC’s 2012 Spring BBQ

Photo Credit – Colleen Blouin

Animal Services receives more than 12,000 calls for service a year. Last year, thanks to mandatory dog licensing and the agency’s “Free Ride Home” program, 927 dogs wearing current licenses were reunited by 311 operators without ever setting foot in the Animal Services facility. Of the dogs that came through the shelter doors, the agency was able to return 94% to a home — some to their original owners – others to a new owner or an animal rescue organization

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