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Mar 2013

Premiere on Mar 21, 2013

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The timing of tomorrow‘s premiere is, of course, pure coincidence…

Dog Dazed catapults viewers into the middle of skirmishes between dog lovers and non-dog people in Vancouver, San Francisco and Toronto – where the fight over a tiny off-leash park had people at each other’s throats and cost the city more than $100,000. Toronto Transit Commission Chair Karen Stintz learned the hard way not to get between voters and their dogs. Ms. Stintz was at the heart of a particularly nasty debate over an off-leash area. “As a politician I have learned that there are two things that you never do. You never change parking restrictions and you never get yourself involved in a dog park.”

Dog Dazed goes beyond skirmishes and conflicts with City Hall,  introducing viewers to a fascinating cast of eclectic dog lovers – a couple who share their bed with a 220 pound mastiff; a couple who went for legal joint custody – of their dog; and a woman who will be interred with her dog.

Dog Dazed not only has relevance to the City’s proposal to shrink Kilcona’s off-leash area, it also has a Winnipeg connection. The documentary marries classic documentary storytelling with animation created by Winnipeg’s Cordell Barker. The two-time Oscar nominee has made a reputation for himself as one of Canada’s top animators.


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