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Jul 2013

Making Kilcona a Greener Park

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KPDC’s Board of Directors is urging The City of Winnipeg to install beverage container recycling bins at Kilcona Park. In a letter to Parks and Open Space Division, KPDC President, Donna Henry issued an invitation. “This is an opportunity for the City and the club to work together to reduce the amount of garbage going into landfills and make Kilcona a “greener” park.”

KPDC volunteers set up recycling bins whenever the club hosts an event. Other than that, there are no recycling bins in Winnipeg’s largest park.


Kilcona Park’s Leslie Eng collects recyclables at KPDC’s BBQ.



Kilcona’s recyclables end up in trash bins with dog waste.


After KPDC’s spring BBQ, Marketing Committee member, Kevin Gordon, approached the Board with the idea for permanent recycling bins. Kevin recently arranged to have beverage container recycling bins installed at the downtown law office where he works.


Photo credit: CBCRA

The bins are free through the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) new RECYCLE EVERYWHERE Program. CBCRA is a not-for-profit organization supported by beverage companies. The RECYCLE EVERYWHERE Program’s goal is to insure Manitobans can conveniently recycle beverage cans, cartons, juice and milk boxes, and bottles – no matter where they are.



Photo credit: CBCRA

Kevin Gordon spoke to RECYCLE EVERYWHERE about having bins installed at the park. The bins could be set up as early as this summer. Henry says, “KPDC has applied for bins for the club’s September BBQ and Fundraiser and, as official off-leash area steward has offered to apply for bins for the dog park. Park staff would be responsible for collecting the recyclables from the bins. KPDC will make every effort to promote recycling through its website, Facebook page and the park bulletin board.”

Transcona Councillor, Russ Wyatt, Chair of the Mayor’s Environmental advisory Committee, is a strong supporter of  the new program. “It is clear that Winnipeggers want to recycle and that providing more access to recycling is one key to success. With the help of RECYCLE EVERYWHERE, Winnipeggers will have increased access to beverage recycling bins when using city facilities. This arrangement is a great fit with Winnipeg’s new waste management plan that emphasizes increased recycling. The fact that CBCRA is providing the bins at no cost is a bonus for taxpayers.”

Bins have been installed at Kildonan and Assiniboine Parks and three Winnipeg golf courses. Plans are for bins to be installed in various arenas, pools, community centres, and other facilities.


Photo credit: CBCRA

This week Park Services East Area Technician Karl Thordarson, responded to KPDC’s request for bins, “At present there is a pilot recycling program on at Kildonan Park.  Public Works position is to complete that pilot program and assess before moving forward with any additional sites. We will be mindful of locations like Kilcona when time comes to expand.”

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