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Aug 2012

KPDC launches its new “Happy Dog” logo

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Meet the KPDC “Happy Dog”

KPDC launched its new “Happy Dog” logo at the Fido Casting Call with club banners, tees and grill master aprons.


The new logo wear easily identified volunteers and made them the “go to” folks for information and services.

KPDC Volunteers Kevin Gordon and Michelle Carbotte show off the club’s new logowear

The Happy Dog logo, designed by KPDC’s Marketing Committee, is a recognition tool for the public and is part of KPDC’s branding, designed to promote the club.

To honour the diversity of breeds that visit Kilcona Dog Park, Happy Dog is simply dog-shaped. His smile and cheerful colour are designed to convey the idea of happiness – that Kilcona Park is a pleasant place for dogs to romp, run and play.

The minimalist logo can be used alone or in combination with the club name, seen here in Good Dog Cool style font.

Happy Dog’s simplicity allows him to be produced on club logo wear at a reasonable price. The logo is recognizable even when shrunk down to a very small size, for example, club pins.

Welcome to the club, Happy Dog!


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