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Nov 2013

A Dog’s Life

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Dog's LifeClick on Picture to See Promo

Check it out – a great documentary for dog lovers tonight at 8pm on CBC – A Dog’s Life

A Dog’s Life reveals how our best friends perceive the world – from the moment they take their first morning walk to the time they curl up at our feet to go to sleep. The film maker follows Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier, through an average day and on the way discovers that, while dogs are not miniature humans, they are amazingly well-adapted to life with humans.


Find out how well we know them. A Dog’s Life explores the widely assumed facts that may actually be based on faulty and out-dated research. Is your dog really like a wolf? Does s/he need you to be the “alpha” dog, so s/he knows where to fit into your pack? Do they really see in black and white? Is it true that dogs have an amazing sense of direction?


A Dog’s Life is an exploration of the senses, mind and behaviour of our four-legged friends. It’s a journey that takes us from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Budapest, Hungary. On the way we discover how scientists are exploring that, sometimes, very alien world, often overturning long held beliefs and perceptions.

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