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Nov 2021

Water Fountain Installed and Tested

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November 29, 2021

Installation and testing of the water fountain was completed this afternoon.


Fountain was attached last Friday

Water Cistern was filled and connected today

Water Bottle Filling Station was tested

Water Fountain was tested

Dog (slow draining) water fountain was tested

All systems were then drained and shut down for the season and are ready to go when the spring water systems are turned on by the City.

There will also be landscaping taking place first thing in the spring of 2022 to finish off the fountain project.

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Oct 2021

Fountain Installation Begins!

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Well there have been numerous delays but after the mandatory safety meeting conducted on Monday Oct 25, 2021  the excavation started this morning Oct 29, 2021 for the holding tank and the digging will continue today. Please keep dogs away from the construction sites for their and your safety.

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Jun 2019

KPDC Volunteers Set A Record!

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Trail stewards heading in for Boston Pizza

It was nothing short of an outstanding effort! On Saturday Kilcona Park Dog Club trail steward volunteers – armed with wheelbarrows, wagons, shovels, rakes and 5-gallon pails – finished chipping the Hill Trail, doing it in record time and breaking all records for the length of trail that was repaired!!

Trail steward Sarah-Jane Marquez-Hicks hauling chips

Each year, trail stewards manage to rehabilitate about 400-metres of Kilcona’s trail network. But on Saturday, they widened and levelled over a KILOMETER!! of low-lying, uneven sections of the Hill Trail that turn into dog-magnet mud holes whenever it rains!

In sharp contrast to the nasty weather at May’s trail chipping event, volunteers were treated to a warm, sunny day with just enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitoes away. And at the end of the work bee, volunteers chowed down on Boston Pizza, courtesy of North Kildonan Councillor Jeff Browaty. Thanks Jeff!

A big shout out to Kilcona Park staff for breaking up the wood chip piles with a bobcat.  It really made a difference! It helped the chips dry out quickly and made hauling, shoveling and raking them much easier and that made the work go much faster.

Over 50 volunteers participated in this spring’s trail chipping work bees.  Thanks everyone! The carpet of wood chips makes the trails way more user-friendly and easier for people to navigate.

Emma Sadonick-Carriere with her daughter, KPDC’s youngest trail steward!

A special thanks to Sonny Restiaux, Chantal Demare, Larry Wozney and Jeff Henry for your efforts in supporting the trail steward volunteers!

Photos of the event are posted on KPDC’s Facebook page.

The winners of the June 1 “Eager Beaver Trail Chippers” draw are:

  • Gregg Iannaccone – Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp gift certificate

  • Sarah-Jane Marquez-Hicks – Birchwood Ford golf umbrella and Pet Planet goody bag

  • Dave Barber – Birchwood Ford baseball cap, sunglasses, coasters and Pet Planet goody bag

  • Tony Kennett – Birchwood Ford baseball cap, coasters and Pet Planet goody bag

  • Nicole Doherty – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Emma Sadonick-Carriere – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Christine Quinlan – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Teresa Wiebe – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Diana McEachern – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Linda Stephen – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Jarrod Mikolajczyk – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Eric Friesen – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Kathy Foley – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Kristeen Carriere – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • Teresa Zadravec – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

  • JP Chomichuk – Pet Valu (Kildonan Green) gift certificate – free dog wash

Winner of ‘Little Beaver Trail Chipper’ draw

  • Benson Wonick – Cineplex Theatre package

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Aug 2016

New Bag Box Marks the End of an Era

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Today marked the end of an era as Kilcona Park Dog Club retired the aging recycled bag container that club founder, Wayne L’Esperance built and donated to the park fifteen years ago. The “bag box”, like an old friend, served Kilcona’s dog community well – but after a decade and a half of service it was showing its age.


In its place, underneath the map, there’s a sturdy new bag box, cheerfully painted a shiny bright red to match the new lost and found box that Bob Christie and Ann Gay constructed and installed last month.


Kilcona Park Dog Club would like to thank Ann, Bob, and Angie Zalondek for generously donating all of the material and for the time, effort and care they put into manufacturing the new bag container. As Ann says, “We are happy to donate to a place our dogs love!”


It’s people like Bob, Ann and Angie that make Kilcona Dog Park such a special place!

KPDC salutes these wonderful volunteers!

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Aug 2016


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The winners of Kilcona Park Dog Club’s 2015 “Make a Splash – “The Real Journey to Churchill!” raffle reported in on the each day of their awesome vacation.

Day 1 Overall Banner


“Fabulous flight on Calm Air. Beautiful weather in Churchill. Tour of Fort Prince of Wales. Amazing history.

Then Sea North Tours boat out onto the Bay. Surrounded by a hundred curious white belugas. We were astounded. Even saw the grey babies! Very cute.

Exceeded all expectations. Can’t wait for tomorrow… Teresa & Gordie

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16



“Big hike today courtesy of North Star Tours – Sloops Cove to Fort Prince of Wales. Gorgeous weather again. History here is incredible.

Saw beautiful sandhill cranes and seals popping their heads up!

Night scene at Tundra Inn hopping. So many young people that are living and working in Churchill and loving it. Sunset and full moon topped off a great day!”

Teresa & Gordie

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25


“Today we went on a long ride along the coast to see the general Churchill area. Again, lots of history.

With the acknowledgement of the displacement of the Dene peoples I thought it appropriate to include a photo of some of the graves of the unfortunate. Lots of babies died of a rampant epidemic here.

But the best thing happened – we saw a polar bear rambling along Eskimo Point! I can go home happy now!

Staff at the Seaport Hotel have been excellent. They even found and put away a very expensive pair of glasses that accidentally fell out of my knapsack. What a relief! The room is well equipped, comfortable and clean.

After 3 days of incredibly beautiful weather, this evening the thunder and lightening hit and it is pouring now. We were very lucky.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Take care.”

Teresa & Gordie

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34


“What we thought was our last day here… Spent the day wandering in and out of every gift shop and museum we could. Eskimo Museum has the most incredible collection of Inuit sculptures from the 1940’s on.

A fog thick as pea soup rolled in and our 8:15 pm flight to Winnipeg was cancelled!!

Shuttle from Seaport Hotel was right there to take us back for a 4th night. Can’t get out until 3 tomorrow, IF the fog lifts. Oh well, better safe than sorry…”

Teresa & Gordie


“We got home at 7:30 Friday night! We went back to the Seaport Hotel Thursday night. Flights were packed on Friday and we couldn’t get out until 3pm.

Extremely cold and windy now. Wow, did we have great weather for our tours earlier in the week! What a change! Flying into Winnipeg was like arriving at a warm, green jungle.

All in all, we both absolutely loved the entire experience of being so far north and would highly recommend it to anyone with an adventurous spirit. It is a beautiful and unusual place for people who only go south from Winnipeg.

Truly hope things work out for the people of Churchill. There’s going to be a lot of changes coming.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to take this trip to Churchill.”

Teresa & Gordie





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Boston Pizza