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Mar 2014

Show Your KPDC Membership Card and Save at KPDC’s Newest Gold Sponsor!

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Show Your KPDC Membership Card and Save at KPDC’s Newest Gold Sponsor!

Kelly and MaryAnn Penner

Kelmar owners, MaryAnn and Kelly Penner

If you’re looking for amazing homemade food and treats for your dog, look no further than KPDC’s latest Gold Sponsor!


Kelmar Country Meats and Deli, just minutes away from Kilcona Park, is cooking up tasty, high quality “from scratch” products that will appeal to the fussiest fur friends. Check out their irresistible “dog’s breakfast” organ meat sausage, turkey pupperoni sticks, meat loaf, bologna, smoked marrow bones and pig ears. Your dog will love you!

dog bones soft edge

Kelmar is a family-owned and operated meat and deli shop, with their own  in-house butcher, sausage maker and smokehouse.

The store has deep roots on the family farm near Brandon where Kelmar’s owner, Kelly Penner was raised. The Penner family grew grain and raised beef and dairy cattle, hogs and chickens. Later Kelly and his wife MaryAnn bought the family homestead and raised their children.  

Kelly says, “Farming is our life. Caring about the land and the livestock we raised was always number one.” In 2012 the Penners brought their farming experience to Winnipeg, opening a custom meat shop on Lagimodiere.

The following year the Penners opened a “from scratch” bakery next door to the meat shop.  Along with fresh breads, the bakery serves up cakes, pastries and homemade pizza to go.

The Penners are strong advocates for the “Buy Local – Support Manitoba Producers” movement and sustainable food production. “Most of our meat is local or sourced from the region,” says Kelly. Their premium Certified Angus Beef – a cut above Canadian AAA and AA grades – is from Western Canada.

Kelmar sells beef and bison raised in Manitoba on family farms without the use of hormones. The animals are grass fed and finished on a grain ration to ensure the highest quality flavour. They also sell lamb from MJ Millar Ranch near Lundar. The lambs are raised without growth hormones or antibiotics.

What makes Kelmar stand out from the rest of the pack is the exceptional quality of their meat and outstanding customer service.  “We have a one-on-one relationship with the customer”, says MartAnn We want people to come and say, ‘This is my butcher – or my baker’”. You can drop in and get exactly the cut you want because the butcher will custom cut to your order.

Kelmar also custom processes wild game, custom crafts a wide variety of sausages, and arranges delicious party and nibbler platters. For a special treat try their smoked lamb, chicken and turkey.

   party platter

Kelmar Country Meats and Deli is located just north of the dog park at the corner of Lagimodiere and Headmaster Row.

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