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Mar 2013

Save Kilcona Dog Park

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Save Kilcona Dog Park

On March 16 City officials and a team of consultants met with Kilcona user groups to present options for developing Kilcona. It was the latest step in creating a new master plan for the park.

On the table are major changes to the park’s geography as well as new uses that will be encouraged and permitted. The new master plan, expected to be approved by City Council in May, will set the future direction for Kilcona.

Two of the 3 options shrink the size of the off-leash area by one-third to one-half its current size. The lands removed from the off-leash area would be re-purposed for other sports activities.

All of the options isolate the off-leash area from the rest of the park. The barrier will achieved by lengthening and widening the park’s ponds and channels to create a water course for dragon boat and kayak racing.

The City has proposed that Kilcona dog park be fenced, cutting off the dogs’ access to adjacent ponds and the dog community’s access to winter pond trails.  One option creates a moat encircling the entire dog park. The proposed channel would cut through the existing play area, forcing the closure of the only open, flat, easily accessible space where people and dogs gather and socialize.

To protect the off-leash area, Kilcona’s dog community and its supporters must act now. Please do your part.

Send your comments to with copies to Mayor Sam Katz at, your City Councillor and/or North Kildonan Councillor, Jeff Browaty at and KPDC at

You can also fill out the City’s park visitor use questionnaire at  Email it  or print and fax it to 204-986-7524.

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