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Oct 2012

Pet-iquette Brochure Released!

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Winnipeg’s dog park organizations announce a new initiative to make the city’s off-leash areas safer and more enjoyable.

In response to complaints about human and animal misbehaviour in Kilcona, Little Mountain and Maple Grove off-leash areas, the city’s dog park associations have joined forces, collaborating to publish a new pet etiquette and safety brochure. The initiative is designed to promote good behavior, reduce conflict, and provide safe off-leash environments for dogs and people.

“Pet-iquette” promotes responsible dog ownership and respectful park stewardship. According to Maple Grove Dog Owners Association’s Rosylyn Jones-Smith, “Winnipeg’s twelve off-leash areas are great places…if everyone obeys the rules, and exercises courtesy and common sense. However one irresponsible person can ruin it for everyone.”

Jones-Smith points out, “Most new dog owners have no idea what to expect the first time they visit a dog park. They need to know about health and safety issues; licenses, vaccinations, what to bring – and what not to bring to the park. The new brochure will also help people choose a dog park that is best suited to their pet.”

While serious injuries in off-leash areas are rare, posts like the following one on the Kilcona Dog Park Winnipeg FaceBook page indicate that they’re not unknown.

“To the lady at the dog park tonight: I’m sorry I used foul language. I…admit that my dog was 50% responsible for the scuff that they got into. But I am still stunned that you did not leash your dog, did not attempt to control it, and then stood there telling me my dog wasn’t hurt as three of us tried to stop the bleeding…

The tussle was ‘just one of those things’ that dogs do…but at the end of the day your dog bit mine, drawing blood. I hope for his sake that you learn to control him better. I’d hate to see such a beautiful dog put down for behaviour the owner refused to acknowledge or control.”

“Pet-iquette” was funded in part by a City of Winnipeg Per Capita Grant and approved by Winnipeg Animal Services Agency.

The brochure will be widely distributed through veterinary clinics, and the city’s animal shelters and rescues. An electronic version of the brochure is available on the clubs’ websites. Our brochure can be accessed in the Pet-iquette page or click on this link: Pet-iquette Brochure


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