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May 2017

Open Letter to Kilcona Dog Park Users re Off-leash Area Boundaries, Barriers and Leash Law Fines

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Today I received several emails from a dog owner asking for clarification on Kilcona’s off-leash area boundaries. She complained that the boundaries around the play area are not clear and that people have been fined for having their unleashed dogs in Kilcona’s on-leash area. She also asked if either Kilcona Park Dog Club or the City have plans to install a physical barrier between the off-leash and on-leash area.

The individual was under the mistaken impression that Kilcona Park Dog Club owns Kilcona Park and asked that I do something. This is not the first time the Board has heard from a dog owner who believes the club owns the park so it seems like an appropriate time to dispel the myth.

It is also an appropriate time to clarify, once again, the off-leash area boundaries to make it easier for responsible dog owners to comply with the off-leash law and avoid a hefty $200 fine.

The City of Winnipeg owns Kilcona Park and its law enforcement agencies, Winnipeg Animal Services and Winnipeg Police Service, have a legal obligation to enforce the City’s by-laws within the park boundaries.


Kilcona Park Dog Club is the official park steward.  Our volunteers work with park staff to take care of the park by chipping trails, planting trees, hosting park clean-up events and raising money for amenities like the picnic tables, benches and waste bags that we all enjoy.


The club also advocates on behalf of KPDC members on matters related to the off-leash dog park and promotes responsible pet ownership.

With respect to off-leash dog parks, Winnipeg’s Responsible Pet Ownership by-law states that we must have our dog within view at all times. So while our dogs may not be able to read the signs, it is our responsibility keep an eye on them to prevent them from straying into Kilcona’s on-leash area.

The off-leash area boundaries are outlined on the park map but if you’re having trouble reading it, here are the basics. Everything to the north of the cigarette butt receptacle and the median in the parking lot is off-leash and everything to the south, is on-leash. The parking lot is on-leash. Dogs are NEVER allowed on the softball or soccer fields whether they are on leash or not.

At 121 acres, our off-leash area comprises approximately 27% of the park. It is by far the largest dog park in Winnipeg.  There is no shortage of space in Kilcona’s off-leash area.

KPDC’s priority, approved by the general membership at the last four AGMs,  is to bring potable water into Kilcona and install a drinking fountain and dog rinse station.

There is no money in the City’s budget to install a barrier between the off-leash and on-leash area. In fact, there is no money earmarked for Kilcona until 2021 and those funds will be directed to emergency repairs at Harbourview.

It would fall on KPDC to undertake the project and the club would need a lot more human and financial resources. The Board would also need more than a single request from an individual dog owner  to consider funding a barrier.

The Board will survey members in good standing (those who have purchased a 2017 membership card) to gauge interest in installing a barrier on the southern boundary. If a significant number of KPDC members request it and are willing to raise money or donate to make that happen, the matter will be brought to KPDC’s November Annual General Meeting for a vote.

For information on Winnipeg’s leash laws, here is a link to the Responsible Pet Owner by-law.


Donna Henry
President – Kilcona Park Dog Club Inc.

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