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Mar 2016

Oh My Dog! – It’s Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp

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Oh My Dog! – It’s Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp

by Robyn Maharaj

I’ll bet Theresa Moehring, owner of Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp, hears it all the time, “I want to work here!”

Like Kilcona Dog Park, Theresa’s spacious dog daycare is usually packed (pun intended) with dogs of all shapes and sizes who are ready for socialization and fun.


Sprockett’s play area

You know it’s a terrific place when the owner enjoys being there as much as the clients and staff. “I was working a job that I enjoyed and was deciding between furthering my education in order to further my career, or take a chance and start my own business doing something I loved, working with animals.”

Theresa Moehring, owner of Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp
Photo credit: Laura Peattie

“With a ton of family support I decided to take the risk. I named the business after my dog, Sprockett (who lived to the ripe age of 21). It took a lot of hard work, sacrifices and extremely long hours but here I am today, enjoying owning my own business, doing something I love,” Moehring says.


Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp is located at 10 Keenleyside Street.

The idea for a dog day camp first came to Theresa in 2010, but it was in 2012 that she first opened her doors to the dogs of Winnipeg (and surrounding areas). The business has been thriving ever since.

Day camp benefits dogs by building social confidence, providing an energy outlet, and reducing or eliminating destructive behaviors

The benefits to owners are happy tired dogs at the end of the day, and guilt-free pleasure knowing their dog had a great time running around, playing or just being loved.

“Sprockett’s offers peace of mind, knowing that while you are busy working, running errands, cleaning house, visiting relatives or whatever it is that takes your attention from this well-loved member of your family, they are having fun making new friends, playing with staff, cuddling or just not being alone.


You get to come pick them up, see the joy in their face when you arrive. You go home to relax or go out for the evening with the confidence that, after a busy day at Sprockett’s, your dog is content to relax.


For those owners with destructive pets, we have heard of a remarkable decrease if not a complete stop to destructive behavior once they figure out the right daycare schedule for their dog,” Moehring says.

“Pets are no longer just pets or working animals, they are a big part of people’s families. Dogs are social creatures that need the affection and attention of other dogs – and daycare provides a safe environment for this to happen. It’s also a guilt-free alternative for those on the go.


People spend more hours away from home now and daycare provides those people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have a dog due to those hours the opportunity to still be an excellent owner,” Moehring says.


Sprockett’s focusses on creating a safe environment where dogs learn to trust their caregivers as pack leaders.


There’s a screening process for all dogs coming into the facility. Staff separate dogs according to age, size and personality and introduce new dogs slowly to their group.


Dogs are never pushed to join in, but are allowed to move at their own pace, which helps build up their confidence.


According to Theresa, some dogs take five minutes to get into a group and others take up as much as five months (although that’s pretty rare).


“We have had many dogs with either fear aggressive tendencies or extreme shyness issues that we have helped develop into happy, confident, stable dogs who at one time wouldn’t be able to go through the door. These dogs are now dragging their owners in to say hello to the staff and all their doggy friends.”


“We have many kinds of dog owners that bring their dogs to Sprockett’s. Those that need to get out that excess doggy energy, those that feel bad leaving their dog alone at home, those that are renovating or moving and those that have noticed behavioral issues that they have heard socializing can help with. The main common trait between all these types of owners is that they love their dogs and are doing their best to keep them healthy and happy.”

Sprockett’s is a KPDC Platinum Sponsor. Theresa believes it is an excellent fit. “Kilcona Park Dog Club believes in the same concept as Sprockett’s, which is to provide a safe, healthy environment for dogs to socialize with other dogs. There was definitely a need for an all-weather indoor place like Sprockett’s in the northeast area of the city. With the increase in dog owners in this area and also the numerous pet service industries that we have, it was inevitable that a place like this would open up. We couldn’t have been a better fit if we tried.”

Theresa Moehring with her dad, John Moehring caring for KPDC volunteers’ dogs at Winnipeg Dog Fest.
Photo credit: Laura Peattie

About Robyn Maharaj

Robyn is a freelance writer and former arts administrator who works for the Canadian Animal Blood Bank. Robyn’s writing and poetry has been published in Canadian literary journals, newspapers, magazines and anthologies. Her first book, Dahmer Detective: The Interrogation and Investigation that Shocked the World (co-author, an American true crime story) will be published in early 2016. An active member of Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Marketing Committee, Robyn’s talent for writing finds expression on the club’s website, where she is a regular content provider. Robyn helped the Board secure a $20,000 grant for park improvements, developed the “Number Two Clue” responsible pet education initiative, and promoted KPDC’s successful campaign to elect a dog-friendly Mayor and Council. An enthusiastic volunteer at fundraising and park stewardship events, Robyn is seen below serving up tasty dog treats at the Bone Appétit Bistro.



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