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Aug 2015

KPDC Welcomes a Brand New Gold Sponsor!

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Looking for one reliable company to look after your yard all year long?

KPDC’s newest Gold Sponsor will not only take care of the grass, the winter-loving outdoor folks at Platinum Lawn Care will also take care of your spring and fall clean-ups, clean the eaves troughs and clear the snow! Lawn cares services include power raking, lawn aeration and weekly grass cutting.
Going on holidays and just need someone to cut the grass while you’re gone? Call Platinum!
Renovating and need drywall or paneling taken down, cupboards removed, decks or fences demolished? Platinum will even haul away your demolition and construction debris, old furniture, appliances and other household junk, and yard waste.
Platinum Lawn Care is a family owned and operated business. That means that when you call Platinum Lawn Care, you’ll be dealing directly with the owner. The Waldner family’s goal is to exceed customer expectations by offering superior service at very affordable prices. The bonded professional team of yard care specialists uses commercial grade equipment; the staff is recognized for their dependable, courteous service.
Platinum Lawn Care serves East, North and West Kildonan, East and West St Paul, Elmwood, Transcona, Garden City, The Maples, and Riverbend.
Call 204-794-1984 for a free estimate.
Check out their website – www.platinumlawncare.ca

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