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Aug 2012

KPDC Salutes its Volunteers!

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KPDC Salutes its Volunteers!

Serving up giant, sizzling custom-smoked sausages and dogs from Gold Sponsor JD Hoggs, KPDC held its second barbecue, 50/50 draw and membership drive of the year.
Held in conjunction with the widely publicized Fido Casting Call, the event was designed to increase the club’s brand awareness, attract new members and raise more money for off-leash area improvements.

With strong support from our teams of volunteers sporting the club’s new logo wear, the largest event KPDC has ever hosted went off without a hitch!

KPDC Volunteers at Work


Director of Marketing Jeff Henry (l), Certified Food Handlers Maegan and Michelle Carbotte, and Director of Events Gerald Carbotte oversee operations at the serving table.


Volunteers Tanya Hirsch and Toni Zacharias sell food tickets and club memberships

KPDC’s Auditor Kim Loeb volunteers at the 50/50 draw booth

KPDC newest Director, Board Secretary Kathleen Kirkland and the club’s Certified Food Handler Maegan Carbotte enjoy a lull in the action

Membership Director Lee-Ann Zacharias, volunteers Toni Zacharias and Hercules (l) and Rae Balbo (r)


KPDC Director of Events Gerald Carbotte

Volunteers JoAnn Storie and Michelle Carbotte in background


KPDC’s legendary grill master Craig Handkamer


Sincere thanks from the Board of Directors to the following people for volunteering your time, effort, and your special talents and skills!

Grill Masters

Craig Handkamer

Justin Davis

Food and Beverage Customer Care Team

Kevin Gordon

Maegan Carbotte

Michelle Carbotte

Phil Werbiski

Food and Membership Sales Team

Rae Balbo

Tanya Hirsch

Toni Zacharias

The 50/50 Team

Al Bartlett

Barb Handkamer

Joann Storie

Kathleen Kirkman

Kim Loeb

 The Doggy Day Care Team

Wayne L’Esperance

Sasha Emric

We like you too :)

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