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Jan 2014

KPDC Proposes Water Features for Kilcona Dog Park

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On Tuesday KPDC’s Board will ask EKT Community Committee Councillors Jeff Browaty (North Kildonan), Russ Wyatt (Transcona) and Thomas Steen (East Kildonan) to support the club’s proposal to develop three seasonal water features in Kilcona Dog Park. KPDC members voted to proceed with the project at the club’s Annual General Meeting in November. Public response to the proposal has been positive.

The first phase of the project will see the installation of a potable water drinking fountain for the shared use of people and dogs. A dog wash/shower station and a dog splash pad will be installed in phases two and three. For safety of dogs and people, the splash pad will be fenced and owners will be required to accompany their pets into the enclosure. It will be accessed with a key card that users purchase and key card fees will be used to finance ongoing operation and maintenance of the facility.

3 tiered water fountain

Three-tiered shared use water fountain at Strawberry Fields for Rover Off-Leash Park in Washington.

dog wash

Rinsing off at Shelby Farms Park TN Dog Wash Station

While dog splash pads are common in the United States, Kilcona’s will be the first one in Canada. If the EKT Community Committee supports the project, the Board will begin fundraising this year.

Over the past decade, Kilcona dog owners have identified a need for a safe supply of cold, fresh drinking water for themselves and their pets. Recently, dog owners and veterinarians in Kilcona’s catchment area have confirmed that dogs that have been exposed to Kilcona pond water – either by swimming in it or drinking it – are presenting at clinics with gastrointestinal, urinary tract and skin diseases, and water-borne parasites. The splash pad is designed to address the needs of water-loving dogs and provide them with a safe, healthy alternative to swimming in Kilcona’s retention ponds. It is an accessible recreation activity well-suited to disabled dog owners.

Attractive dog splash pad kits are commercially available. While much more modest in scale than children’s splash pads, the proposed splash pad will be a creative, visually interesting focal point, balancing sport and recreation focal points planned for other locations in the park. It is an appropriate complement to the recreation area and will enhance the visitor experience and it’s an accessible recreation activity well-suited to disabled dog owners.

fire hydrant feature

Purina/Beneful Dream Dog Park Splash Pad – Atlanta, GA

splash pad 4

Enjoying a cold sip at  a Montgomery, MA splash pad

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