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Jun 2013

Kilcona Park/ Harbourview Action Planning Delayed

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Kilcona Park/ Harbourview Recreation Complex Renewal and Strategic Action Planning Delayed


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The unveiling of Kilcona Park’s new master plan is on hold for now. City administrators and consultants intended to present the master plan at a public meeting in April and City Council was expected to vote on the proposed plan in mid-May. However the project schedule was revised after Kilcona dog owners angrily protested proposed reductions to the off-leash area in each of the consultant’s development options and EKT City Councillors Jeff Browaty, Russ Wyatt and Thomas Steen intervened.

In April Councillor Browaty met with KPDC’s President and several Directors, the park planning project manager and other City administrators, and project consultants to discuss dog owners’ concerns. KPDC presented the City with an alternative proposal that increases the off-leash area.

The expansion is needed because Kilcona’s dog park has reached  its maximum carrying capacity, evidenced by trail damage and overcrowding at peak periods. In the past year overcrowding has been exacerbated by the closure of Transcona’s only off-leash area and downsizing and safety issues at Little Mountain Dog Park have driven traffic to Kilcona.

EKT Councillors asked the consulting team to go back to the drawing board. The project schedule has been re-adjusted to accommodate further analysis and to ensure the consultants have the City’s support for the general development directions and scope of the plan.

In an email to the stakeholder committee and other interested parties, Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram says,

“the consultant team has been verifying and refining the design and development concepts put forward by you. This means working through the many technical and programmatic considerations regarding the site and the corresponding financial implications. The Steering Committee anticipates meeting with the City officials to review this information later this summer and upon their approval, the date for the Open House will then be scheduled.

Until then, if you wish to share any new information from your organization or constituents regarding Kilcona Park, we encourage you to contact us at”

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