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Jun 2013

Firing up the Grill – The Best Fun’ Raiser Ever!

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Firing up the Grill – The Best Fun’ Raiser Ever!


After a string of cold, rainy, windy weekends, a rare day of sunshine and warm weather drew thousands of people to Kilcona Park on Saturday.

The turnout was phenomenal and KPDC’S Spring BBQ was a huge success, a fun event for everyone, which significantly increased KPDC’s war chest for improvements to the off-leash area and drove membership sales through the roof.


Perfect Spring Day for a Party at Kilcona

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala Photography

A number of records were broken this year, including the amount of money raised through the sale of food, beverages, memberships, the newly-launched and very popular “I own a dog AND I vote”; and gaming. KPDC’s largest 50/50 pot ever was won by Toni Zacharias!

Blissfully soaking up the sunshine,  dog owners, soccer and baseball players chowed down on Craig Handkamer and Kevin Gordon’s awesome quarter-pounders and JD Hogg’s famous  custom-smoked, sausages and hotdogs all grilled to perfection.


North Kildonan City Councillor Jeff Browaty drops by for a Kilcona-smokie

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala Photography

It was doggy heaven,  a day of special treats for man’s best friend as indulgent alphas like Bob Gray stopped by the serving table to pace a special order for his pack  – three hotdogs loaded, hold the heat – and KPDC’s generous corporate sponsors and partners passed out goody bags and dog biscuits.


No matter what it is we want it!

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

While people relaxed and visited, dogs did what dogs love to do – chase sticks, balls, Frisbees and each other, beg politely for a last bite of  sausage or bun, or cunningly steal from the unwary. Thanks to all members who made the effort to keep their dog(s) away from the sports fields and in the off-leash area!

 tricks galore

The God of Frolic

Photo credit: Vince Pahkala

It take a solid team of dedicated people working together to make the Spring BBQ a reality. KPDC volunteers spend month planning and organizing the event; they source and prepare the highest quality food products, recruit respected sponsors and partners; and provide friendly, attentive service at the event.

KPDC’s Board offers special thanks to the following people:

  • Certified Food Handler Brenda Richer who volunteered her time and expertise to directing KPDC’s grill and food services operations to ensure compliance with Manitoba health regulations and public safety.
  • Professional photographer Vince Pahkala for his wonderful work in capturing images and preserving memories – follow the link to KPDC’s Facebook page –
  • Kilcona Park Foreman, Mark Storimans, Leslie Eng, Ron Gilkes and the rest of the staff who delivered extra picnic tables and litter baskets, and provided logistical support to the volunteers.
  • KPDC team of volunteers

Stephan Hirsch

Toni Zacharias

Darren Zacharias

Phil Werbiski

Kevin Gordon

Beth Proven

Sasha Emric

Robyn Maharaj

Julie Johnson

Cory Nohlgren

Al Bartlett

 Julie, Al, Robyn and Kathleen

KPDC Volunteers from L-R – Julie Johnson, Al Bartlett, Robyn Maharaj, and Kathleen Kirkman

Tanya, Toni and Stefan cropped

KPDC Volunteers from L-R – Stefan Hirsch, Tanya Hirsch, and Toni Zacharias

KPDC received many compliments about our Platinum and Gold Corporate Sponsors, Event Sponsors and our Animal Welfare Partners who helped make this year’s party in the park such a success. We proudly salute you and thank you.


  • Corporate Sponsors

Pet Valu – Reenders and Rivergrove locations

Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp

JD Hogg Sausage Company

Walden Way Canine and Kitty Camp

Royal LePage


  • Event Sponsors

North Kildona City Councillor Jeff Browaty

City Bread Co Ltd.


  • Animal Welfare Partners

Winnipeg Humane Society

Canadian Animal Blood Bank

Winnipeg Animal Services

Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert

Manitoba Mutts

Darcy’s Arc

DREAM  (Dog Rescue, Education and Advocacy of Manitoba)



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