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Oct 2015

Dave’s Quick Print –Award Winning Industry Leader and Generous KPDC Sponsor!

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Dave’s Quick Print –Award Winning Industry Leader and Generous KPDC Sponsor!


One of the reasons Dave’s Quick Print is excited to be involved with Kilcona Dog Park Club is because it “feels” right. “Many of our staff are devoted animal lovers,” accordingly to co-owner Randy Premachuk. “Sponsoring Kilcona Dog Park Club was a natural way to align ourselves with a cause that resonates within our company culture.”

Dave’s Quick Print has been a generous sponsor. Over and above the annual Corporate Sponsorship Program fees it pays to help fund improvements to Kilcona Dog Park, and discounts it provides to club members, DQP has donated hundreds of dollars of Jets and Moose tickets as prizes for KPDC fundraisers.

Since 1982, Dave’s Quick Print, located at 1650 Field Street, has been a “go to” print supplier for corporate, individual and non-profit organizations. Their commitment to providing outstanding service coupled with high quality products has enabled them to remain a print leader within Manitoba. Premachuk and co-owner Randy Nelson, focus on areas that can create a competitive advantage for DQP.


“We always choose the best equipment and technology we can afford so our customers have the best possible products,” said Premachuk, who along with Nelson has owned Dave’s Quick Print since 2011. “We cater to the corporate community with our wide array of digital and offset equipment. We are regularly relied upon to produce a variety of products that require quality, accuracy and fast turnaround. Often our projects are of a sensitive nature and demand the utmost in confidentiality and security.”


Nelson and Premachuk are confident their consistency in meeting these challenges is why they continue to be a trusted and valued supplier to many businesses and organizations. Recently, print clients have been requesting a more specific and targeted approach when it comes to their print marketing campaigns. DQP has been at the forefront of providing these services.

“Our new digital copiers can print “variable data” information which means customers can personalize their marketing materials. We also offer an email blast service which is an excellent complement to a print marketing campaign. It allows users to track analytics (such as times opened) in real time. Offering multi-pronged marketing approaches is just one example of the value-added services we provide to our customers,” stated Premachuk, a 25 year veteran of the print industry.


Even though they have all of the professional equipment they require, the DQP owners know it’s their staff that drives their business.


“We are super fortunate to have tremendous team members working with us on a daily basis. A number of our staff have been with the business since the early 1990’s. This type of loyalty and dedication is very rare in today’s society. Along the way we have added new key people, which has made us a very well rounded team.


Ultimately, we know and appreciate that our valued customers are our real boss,” revealed Premachuk.

—-Dave’s Quick Print can be reached at (204) 985-9603 or www.dqp.ca

About Robyn Maharaj
Robyn is a writer, fundraiser, marketer and former arts administrator who works as a freelance grant and feature writer. She works in fund development for a Southern Florida medical foundation for adult stem cell research. Robyn’s writing and poetry has been published in Canadian literary journals, newspapers, magazines and anthologies. Her first book (co-author, an American true crime story) will be published in 2015.
A member of Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Marketing Committee, Robyn talent for writing finds expression on the club’s website, where she is a regular content provider. Robyn helped the Board secure a $20,000 grant for park improvements, developed the “Number Two Clue” responsible pet education initiative, and promoted KPDC’s successful campaign to elect a dog-friendly Mayor and Council. An enthusiastic volunteer at fundraising and park stewardship events, Robyn is seen below serving up tasty dog treats at the Bone Appetit Bistro.


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