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May 2015

Another Generous Donation to KPDC’s Water Features Project!

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Kilcona Park Dog Club wishes to acknowledge the Samoyed Association of Manitoba (SAM) for their generous gift of $150 to KPDC’s “Make a Splash” campaign.


 This is the second large donation SAM has made to this project in the past 6 months. KPDC is honoured by their thoughtfulness and thanks the group for their, encouragement and committed, faithful support.

The donation will be directed to phase 1 of the project to bring clean, fresh drinking water into the park and install a drinking fountain, dog wash station and splash pad. Clean, fresh drinking water will bring many improvements to Kilcona Dog Park, reducing preventable diseases, improving health, and providing opportunities for safe wholesome recreational activities.

When KPDC’s Board started the “Make a Splash” campaign, the task of raising $250,000 seemed overwhelming. Today, thanks to generosity and support of donors like SAM, we are well on our way to reaching our goal.

Alone we can do little; together we can do so much. Thanks again SAM for helping to build a better future. Your gift is very much appreciated!




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