Marketing Committee

Members of the Marketing Committee 2015

Kevin Gordon

Marketing Committee

Kevin Gordon is a Marketing Consultant and public speaker. He is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Apparent Media Group. Kevin and his dogs, Sadie and Ryder are regulars at Kilcona Dog Park. Kevin believes that anything worth doing is worth measuring and has worked with clients to build meaningful and measurable marketing campaigns through traditional media, new media, and custom technologies that allow him to measure the return on their investment.

Kevin is a geek, and probably a bit of a nerd too. He spent almost a decade doing nerdy tech support stuff before making the leap to the business world. By having a great understanding of how technology works, he is able to bridge the gaps between clients and the real big nerds who sit in dark rooms, drinking Red Bull and writing code. He thrives on knowledge, and has been a perpetual student for most of his adult life. Spending some time at the University of Manitoba and Red River College, he earned a diploma in Business, specializing in e-Marketing. Then, because he's a glutton for punishment, he went back and earned a Certificate with Honors in Project Management, and is currently working on his Certificate in the Business Analyst world.

Vince Pahkala

Marketing Committee

Vince is a professional photographer and videographer, widely recognized for his expert eye, creative talent and his imaginative use of the newest digital technology to capture and render stunning landscape, nature, sports, and dance images and videos. His clients include the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

Vince has been a member of KPDC’s Marketing Committee since 2010. An expert in social media marketing, Vince’s first assignment was to help create KPDC’s online presence and provide content for the club’s website and Facebook page. Vince and his dogs, Fixit and Lucy are more than just regular visitors to Kilcona Park. As a professional photographer, Vince documents the changing face and moods of the park, the natural beauty of the landscape and our haunting prairie skies, the wildlife. As KPDC’s Official Photographer, he celebrates people, dogs, and KPDC events like Winnipeg Dog Fest – capturing and sharing wonderful memories and the winning the hearts of Kilcona’s dog community.

Robyn Maharaj

Marketing Committee

Robyn is a writer, fundraiser, marketer and former arts administrator who works as a freelance grant and feature writer. She works in fund development for a Southern Florida medical foundation for adult stem cell research. Robyn’s writing and poetry has been published in Canadian literary journals, newspapers, magazines and anthologies. Her first book (co-author, an American true crime story) will be published in 2015.

A member of Kilcona Park Dog Club’s Marketing Committee, Robyn talent for writing finds expression on the club’s website, where she is a regular content provider. Robyn recently helped the Board secure a $20,000 grant for park improvements, developed the “Number Two Clue” responsible pet education initiative, and promoted KPDC’s successful campaign to elect a dog-friendly Mayor and Council. An enthusiastic volunteer at fundraising and park stewardship events, Robyn is seen serving up tasty dog treats at the Bone Appetit Bistro.

Stacy Kuryk

Marketing Committee

Stacy has lived in the East Kildonan area since 2009 and wants to share with you, how she discovered Kilcona Park - after acquiring her two pups through foster failure! When she first visited Kilcona Park (without the dogs) to check it out, it was a vast mystery. How far back does it go? If I walk too far, will I make it back? Is it fenced back there? How will my dogs not run away? Everyone at the park looked very calm and happy so I started talking to people to get some ideas and quash my fears. And that’s how it began. : )

Our first pup was Siri (pronounced Seer-ee). Stacy and her husband, John, volunteered at the Winnipeg Humane Society in the Foster and Receiving Departments and brought home a terrified, shy and gentle girl who had been found running the streets of Winnipeg at 4 months of age, wearing a choke collar. It took her quite some time to trust us but our love and patience brought her a long way. After officially adopting Siri (Seer-ee), we wanted her to make some friends! She was a regular at Woofs n Wags Doggie Day Care, where they took special care of her and helped to bring her out of her shell. It turned out that she was a bit of a firecracker when she was comfortable with her surroundings and had the right outlets! She loves playing with her paws - pouncing forth, then does a twirl and hip check, a professional deflector! Obedience classes also went a long way in helping Siri becoming more confident. Still today, she won’t go near people that she doesn’t know (she doesn’t ever want to get caught again!), so she loves the freedom of Kilcona Dog Park and her other wonderful place, Sprockett’s Doggie Day Camp. Her DNA analysis revealed – Husky, Boston Terrier, Poodle, Chow.

Our second pup was Miles. After finishing up at the Humane Society and getting Siri on track (she was now a year old), Stacy and John decided to try fostering again, this time through Winnipeg Animal Services. They had a year old male who had a lot of potential but kept getting passed over because he was so big and barked so much. He had also been found roaming the streets of Winnipeg. We were a wee bit hesitant but met with the staff and Miles, and they showed how good his disposition and manners were when not in the kennel area. He and Siri got along right away. He was so happy to finally get some good solid sleep - his bloodshot eyes became normal again, he put on some weight and was now quite content. Now that he and Siri were pals, we didn’t want to break their bond (and we had also become a little bit attached), and so we adopted Miles. Miles also went to obedience classes which he aced. When treats are involved, he listens extremely well. Walking for Miles is just ‘ok’, he really loves to run. His long legs could run forever it seems, so he also absolutely loves the park. He also loves the water so it was a bit of a challenge to get him to stay out of the ditches and ponds but not impossible! And he is much healthier for it, bad stuff in those ponds. His DNA analysis revealed – Rottweiler, Norwegian Elkhound, Brittany Spaniel, Beagle.

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