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Apr 2013

…more from The Flying Circus

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…more from The Flying Circus


A footnote to Every Absurdity Has a Champion to Defend It.

It comes from Little Mountain Park Pet Owners Association’s webmaster, Lloyd Johnson:

“What has also happened is that [the City] has started renting out the off-leash area in the summer to touch football groups so that we are not even allowed to use it a lot of the time in the summer.  Very annoying!”

Kilcona Park Dog Club sympathizes with the folks at Little Mountain but we have to admit…Lloyd’s comments got us wondering.


A regulation CFL football field in the middle of an off-leash dog park……what’s wrong with this picture?

Surely an off-leash area football field is a first for Winnipeg. We like to see City officials exercise their creativity but in this case, perhaps they’ve gone too far. At Maple Grove and Kilcona, parks administrators have gone to great lengths to keep off-leash dogs and sports teams well-separated.



According to Lloyd, the City’s venture into the unexplored world of off-leash football has created chaos in Little Mountain’s formerly peaceful dog park. Dogs, dog owners and football players are all jostling for the same space; dogs are doing what dogs do…running onto the playing field and interrupting the game, and chasing and running off with footballs.

Angry shouting matches erupt between dog owners and football players, and tail gate parties have become a fact of life in the designated off-leash area parking lot. So have discarded beer cans, broken glass and litter.


In the spirit of celebrating “The Absurd”, KPDC explores this unusual arrangement…


Let the play begin! It’s first and ten…


OMG…he fumbles!

…and the ref signals  interception!

Hey buddy…you dropped this!

Hmmm…off-leash dogs and balls. What could be more natural!


I’m a retriever…just showing off my special talents!



Whose playing field is it anyway!

Little Mountain dog owners are angry that they’re losing their very limited off-leash space. PIT League – Touch Football Winnipeg Manitoba seems more than happy with the new arrangement.

And why wouldn’t the league love it. The PIT no longer has to pay to play at privately-owned Little Mountain Sportsplex. The publicly owned football field in Little Mountain’s off-leash park is free of charge and the players don’t have to pay for parking!

From the league’s website:

“The PIT has secured some new field locations for the 2011 season. In addition to the fields the PIT had in usage last year, we have increased our stable of fields by adding Little Mountain Park. Not to be confused with Little Mountain Sportsplex, the PIT will be playing right in Little Mountain Park (pretty much across the street from the Sportsplex)!

Here are the particulars:

  • Regulation sized field
  • Room to expand
  • Plenty of parking in the lot off Klimpke
  • No goal posts, so our refs and players will not have to pick up or remove pads following games
  • No gate fees!

The PIT’s newest location will allow us to phase out the use of Little Mountain Sportsplex and their $2.00 gate fee, while keeping our players and teams in the Northwest part of the city happy!

PIT and Little Mountain will be aerating the fields on or before May 15, and fertilizing the fields during our first week of the season. Little Mountain will have the grass cut weekly or as needed. The fields will be lined very regularly, which will include nearly all markings of a CFL field, this includes being 150 yards by 65 yards without the safety hazard of goal-posts.

The Little Mountain Sportplex restaurant has committed to being open after PIT games to provide a full menu of great food. Service is promised to be swift and the beers to be cold!”

From the PIT formum, here’s what the players have to say:

Little Mountain has waived all gate charges during ALL weekend games, and selected weekday times will also be waived.”

“This city-run park is adjacent to the Little Mountain [Sportplex] facility…there is a fee to enter the privately-owned facility. Our city field…has no gate fee.”

“A reminder to all teams playing at Little Mountain Park that we are in fact at the PARK, not the Sportsplex. So don’t pay any gate fees!

“A reminder to all teams, don’t pay for parking at Little Mountain Sportsplex!!!!!!! The field is located across the street in the Park with ample parking off Klimpke Road.”

PIT League – Touch Football Winnipeg Manitoba is credited for the following photos and captions of Little Mountain’s unique off-leash area football field:


Little Mountain Park before…

Only in the PIT are the fields aerated!


Our aerator did this…not the dogs!


Measuring out the field to exact specifications


Putting down the field outline

[PIT member] decides whether to paint the field, or burn it to the ground


[PIT member] does his lines


[Little Mountain] after pic #2

The Titans assemble [Little Mountain Sportsplex in background]

PIT League – Touch Football Winnipeg Manitoba currently lists 35 football field locations on their website.

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Mar 2013

Dragon boating or kayaking, anyone?

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Dragon boating or kayaking, anyone?

Kilcona Water Quality Warning Sign

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